Matt Cameron Warns ‘Don’t Mess With Soundgarden’


Matt Cameron has shared a fan made photo of Soundgarden on his Instagram storyy that says ‘F*ck You’ with middle fingers and says ‘Don’t Mess With Soundgarden.’ This is seemingly in response to Vicky Cornell’s lawsuit over an alleged Soundgarden buyout offer. It also says ‘#IStandWithSoundgarden.”

Vicky Cornell’s lawsuit claimed that Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd aren’t ‘original members’ of Soundgarden, despite the fact that they played on all of the band’s hits.

Vicky’s lawyer wrote, “In response to Defendants’ disingenuous offer, on December 17, 2020, Vicky counter-offered defendants Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Hunter Benedict Shepherd four million dollars each — a total of twelve-million dollars (U.S. $12,000,000.00) — for their collective interests in Soundgarden and the Soundgarden Related Entities.

“On December 29, 2020, Defendants summarily rejected Vicky’s twelve-million dollar offer, noting that the Surviving Band Members have no interest in selling their interests in the Soundgarden Partnership ‘because these interests represent their creative life’s-work’ — a statement that both overreaches (because neither Cameron nor Shepherd were original members of Soundgarden) and overlooks (because the vast majority of the band’s works — over 73% — were authored by Chris and because Chris’ interest in the Soundgarden Partnership also represents Chris’ ‘creative life’s work’).

“In a final attempt to resolve this matter without judicial intervention (and without the need for yet another litigation), Vicky offered the Surviving Band Members seven million dollars each — a total of twenty-one million dollars ($21,000,000.00) — for their collective interests in the Soundgarden Partnership. Moreover, Vicky’s offer expressly noted that, if the Surviving Band Members were willing to share the underlying information, her twenty-one million dollar offer may well increase further. The Surviving Band Members rejected the twenty-one million dollar offer and, once more, refused to share the underlying data.

“The Surviving Band Members’ rejection of an offer of seven million dollars for each of their individual interests underscores the unreasonableness of Defendants’ insulting offer for Chris’ interests in the Soundgarden Partnership.”