Axl Rose Allegedly ‘Cut’ Izzy Stradlin From Guns N’ Roses Reunion For Sad Reason


Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven has issued a statement in response to fellow former Guns N’ Roses manager Doug Goldstein’s description of Steven Adler’s lawsuit against Guns N’ Roses that Alternative Nation reported. Goldstein claimed he spent $500,000 on the lawsuit, and that the jury loved him. He also said the songwriting credit Adler received were a ‘gift’ from Axl Rose.

Niven also accused Axl Rose’s ‘greed’ as being the reason Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler were ‘cut’ out of the reunion.

“1/. The case was not settled on the steps of the court. It was settled immediately before the jury retired, after two weeks of hearings in front of the judge.

2/. Adler’s attorneys offered a settlement of $375,000 after approximately one week of the case being heard – they were concerned they were losing the case. Goldstein and Rose rejected the offer. Thereafter Goldstein and Rose took the stand. At the conclusion of the case I had lunch with the entire jury. They informed me they thought Goldstein was a phony and were amused at his crocodile tears on the stand. They disliked Axl intensely, who seemed medicated and thus cold … these two shifted the case into Adler’s favor.

3/. Goldstein was covered by a litigation insurance that also protected the band. I had put that in place. His claim of paying $500,000 is bullshit.

4/. Subsequent to Rose and Goldstein testimony in court the settlement became something in the order of $2,750,000, from the band and Goldstein. I was tapped for a relatively modest $175,000 – if there was any crucifixion it was of Rose and Goldstein. I further paid over $300,000 in legal fees, out of my own pocket, at the mercy of the actions of Rose and Goldstein.

5/. Yes indeed, that Steven received composing royalties was something of a gift – the policy was that while one was a member of the band one would benefit from all moneys being shared – one for all and all for one. If you left the band and were not a writer than the privilege ended. This method was used by lots of bands – the idea being to prevent arguments over money destroying band chemistry. Van Halen, for example, did the same. The Boomtown Rats famously lost the plot and fell apart because there was no composing royalty sharing and after the first publishing royalties arrived everyone wanted to be a writer. Sometimes its in everyone’s best interest to share.

No one enforced this on anyone in the band – it was accepted and understood well before Goldstein was employed as tour manager. It was their decision, including Axl. I considered that the band bent and made a gift to Axl that he received a larger share. If anyone actually deserved a larger share it was Izzy.

The fact that Steven sued and benefitted was not appropriate or just. He’d received composing monies he did not have a legal right to. What is more Doug had indeed kept him alive. According to Doug, Adler’s own attorney stated at deposition that Goldstein should have let him die of an overdose. We all worked hard to keep everyone alive. Slash even went turkey in my spare bedroom – I cleaned the vomit from his mouth and counted out the valium. The problem is that once you go to a jury it is generally understood the case becomes basically a beauty pageant – who does the jury like? They didn’t like Rose and Goldstein.

Anyhow, as regards hubris and greed, we need look no further than the fact Axl cut Izzy and Steven out of the recent tour and took the lions share of all income.

As regards Goldstein, Axl’s butt boy, if his lips are moving most likely he’s lying. Ask him about how he participated in the stealing of the name, copyrights and trade marks from the other band members. We all know who had their hands on the helm.

To have been betrayed by G Swine was bad enough … to have to hear or read of him now is anathema.



  • Stone Gossardish

    I wonder if one of the lines he spoke there will be reviewed by any attorneys who worked on what was likely a confidential settlement.

  • Just The Truth

    Did they really need Izzy on the tour? I can see keeping Izzy for nostalgic reasons, but talent-wise, Richard Fortus blows him away.
    As for Steven, on a tour of that magnitude, he wouldn’t have been able to handle it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Be happy with the GnR we got, which was pretty damn good.

    • David smith

      You sir/madam, are a person who uses their head. Well done

    • Thatmanstu

      WTF are you on about? Check the Writing Credits. Izzy was the Band.

      • Just The Truth

        The rhythm guitar player was the band??? 😂

        Umm… I think a lead guitar player named Slash and a singer named Axel Rose were a little more important to Guns N Roses than Izzy.

    • SMack

      Perhaps, but did Richard Fortus write more songs than anyone else in the band? I mean, if you define talent by dexterity, what about Buckethead? Yngvee (or however you spell it)? I thought Fortus did a great job and I enjoyed the show I saw, but if Izzy was with them I would have gone to a lot more shows.

      • Just The Truth

        Considering the fact Slash and Axl were the main songwriters your comment doesn’t hold water.

        • SMack

          What do you mean, “main songwriters”? Izzy has 11 credits on the UYI albums, to Slash’s nine, and Izzy has several solo (“You Ain’t The First,” “Double Talkin Jive,” “Pretty Tied Up”) meaning he writes lyrics as well. And everyone knows Izzy wrote the majority of the songs on Appetite, both lyrics and music.
          Learn yo’ facts, boy!!!

          • Just The Truth

            I’ll give you a little tip, guns gave everybody song writing credit on the first album. For example, Steven didn’t write a note. They all received song writing credit for Sweet Child of Mine, but only Axel, who wrote the melody and lyrics and Slash, who wrote the famous guitar beginning, actually wrote the song. Izzy strummed along I suppose.
            As for his solo work, it was all second rate and pretty much unlistenable. It’s like this, if Izzy was that important to the band, he would have been included in the reunion.
            The bottom line they didn’t need him.

          • SMack

            Thanks for the NON-tip…I know all about how they credited the first record, but the truth is while Slash may have come up with the SCOM riff (as a joke, he’ll tell you), Izzy wrote – not just music but lyrics – to You’re Crazy, Think About You, Brownstone, Anything Goes and many others.

            You may consider Izzy’s solo work “second rate and unlistenable” but it’s way better than piece of shit Chinese Democracy, and you clearly didn’t see I was referring to GnR songs Izzy wrote on the Illusion albums, not his actual solo albums. (Of which he’s released 11 since GnR broke up, way more output than douchebag Axl – that’s how he spells it, by the way, not “Axel” – and even Slash in his crappy Snakepit or Velvet Revolver bands.)

          • Just The Truth

            You’re obviously an Izzy fan and that’s admirable, but why are you talking about Izzy’s song writing prowess? Since the current GnR haven’t written any new material and problems won’t, your point is moot. My original comment stated Fortus was a better guitarist and Izzy wouldn’t be missed. I stand by that comment.

          • SMack

            Alright, I don’t want to mix it up any more. We’re clearly both fans of the band, fans have different opinions which often leads to fun and lively debate, the internet has enough vitriol. I still think Izzy is a better all-around song-writer than the others, in terms of music and lyrics, but that’s just my opinion. Axl has written many fantastic lyrics, and I fucking love Slash, such a great lead player, I fucking love Axl, despite his flaws, and clearly I fucking love Izzy too. But he’s a damn weirdo recluse, sure he’s released 11 albums but the asshole won’t throw his fans a bone and tour! And while I refused to see “GnR” after 93 throughout all the CD years, despite friends telling me how great it was, I did go in 2016 when Duff and Slash came back, and it was awesome – including Fortus, no doubt. I hope they make a new record, though talk about “not in our lifetimes,” but if they tour again, I would definitely go, Izzy or no Izzy (as much as I and others would love it). My absolute favorite band when I was in college, I’m just more bummed that they imploded so early and only made one of the greatest albums of all time, a great EP, and a sloppy mess of a double album that I still love most of except for a handful of songs.

          • SMack

            Oh, and I dig Spaghetti incident as well (except for a few tracks), I just wish I could hear the version with Izzy (the one they released they stripped all his parts and Gilby played them, at least that’s what i think I heard).

          • Just The Truth

            I agree 100%…. on everything, specially only one great album. Reading your comment about Izzy being a “recluse” it’s true and I realize I may be a little angry at him for it. Lol. Asfor Slash, he’s playing better live than ever. Same with Axel’s singing.. and he’s showing up on time.
            What I would love to see is the original band do a one off show playing “Appetite”. It’s never going to happen but…. Peace to you brother have a great Saturday

          • SMack

            Dude, if they did a one-off Appetite show with the original band tickets would literally be thousands of dollars (not that it wouldn’t be worth it!) Though if course it would depend on if they did it at a Theatre or a stadium, you might get into the third deck for $500. I’m just lucky I saw them at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento in February ’88, I just wish i wasn’t a 19-year-old idiot at the time who partied so hard I don’t really remember much of it!

          • Just The Truth

            Sounds like me at the time although I never saw them live.
            I do know every single strip club would play Sweet Child for their best strippers. 😉
            Since they do seem to be money orientated these days, how about if they do the Appetite show in a club setting and put it on pay per view? $50 bucks a pop. I’m sure it would do 1,000,000+ buys….. 😆

  • Robert Curtis

    WOW Axl rose a money grubbing who– who would have guessed lol,front out that never ending cast as gnr lol.I read someone say why bring back Izzy Stradlin for 1 this was a reunion and for 2 Izzy wrote a lot of the latter songs, this was not about who could play better it was about Mr.Ego and how much green he could get for himself. I watched what think were the mtv awards where gnr or whatever you called that pile of crap crash the show at the end and could not believe just how much he stunk up the place. And just look at what he had done to that face made a plastic surgeon a bunch of money but just got a blob face he should have spent some of that cash on singing lessons because no way in he– would I spend a dime on that I dont care who is playing with that ego. I am glad he lost must have ended up costing him millions between the lawyer fees ans what could have been an easy seltment but I am sure in his mind everyone loves axl rose how could such a nice person with a great reputation lose to Steven Adler .I hope Slash goes back to Myles Kennedy and lets mr.ego go on taking concert goers hard earned money and not embarrass himself any more to help feed this ego and his money problems .

    • David smith

      You do realise Steven sued the entire band, Axl was just representing them. Stop pinpointing the case on him. And I highly doubt he needs any more money, I don’t believe this article for a second

      • robert curtis

        which band lol there were so man members and Slash signed over the rights to gnr a long time ago so how does he get sued axl uses people till they get tired of him pulling in the cash while they are making crap rate , axl spent exceeding $13 million on Chinese Democracy when its someone else monet plenty of power to go around at that rate lol. I dont pinpoint I fact check and have 2 eyes and 2 ears both work fine axl deserves to be taken down about 10 notches. Never ever get any more of my cash for a talk or rap song since he no longer can sing up to Appetite for Destruction and if you can feed the bear get out of the cage.

    • Michael Rich

      Anyone who thinks Axl greedy doesn’t know Axl. He’d gladly go bankrupt on principle and if he still hated slash, all 100 billion of bezos’ fortune wouldn’t get them onstage together for 5 seconds, much less 2.5 years.

  • Cunt Fuckula

    LMAO always great to see Fat Doug Goldswine get called out for the decrepit, asspipe-sucking dingleberry he truly is. Ever read that letter he wrote to Axl years back, begging to be allowed to suck Axl’s cock again? The most hilariously pathetic thing you will ever read, guaranteed..

  • Stannis Jefferson

    Axl Rose is a dick — color me surprised.

    • David smith

      Notice how the article title said ALLEGEDLY. It’s highly likely that it isn’t true, Goldstein and Niven have proven that they’re both full of shit in the past with the ridiculous things they say/claim.

  • David smith

    Probably one of the most false, inaccurate and biased articles I’ve ever read. I thought you were better than this alternative nation.