Billie Joe Armstrong Reveals Who Is ‘Done’ With Green Day


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong recently discussed the band’s former drummer John Kiffmeyer, who quit the band in 1990 to go to college.

Howard Stern revealed if Green Day really hate Weezer last week. Billie Joe Armstrong posted, “1987. Me and Mike. #sweetchildren microphone stand made out of a toilet paper roll! Make it work!”

Altri82 commented, “John Kiffmeyer should be tagged.” Billie Joe responded, “It was before his time.” Oddly enough Tre Cool is tagged, though he didn’t join until 1990, so if Billie’s year on the photo is correct, then Raj Punjabi likely would have been the drummer.

Beyzabilgier posted, “Albums to listen front to back. I don’t usually listen albums front to back but there are few i listen from other artists and enjoy so much. I just tried to listen to Dookie but I think it’s so high energy and songs sound kinda similar melodically. So, which are the ones more harmonic, like fast and then slower and easy to listen front to back for you?”

Spazznax said, “I don’t know that this is the answer for everyone, but for me Insomniac is the Green Day Album I can listen to all the way through every time. It may not resonate for you since it shares some similarities with Dookie, but I honestly enjoy it more because it has a bit more contrast between its songs. Most of the songs are still pretty upbeat but the tempos are less high octane. I also think the drumming on the album showcases Tre’s versatility in a way that only Nimrod managed to one-up (mostly because it was designed to be that way).”

HUUGE_Slamma chimed in, “If I want to listen front to back I usually choice 21st Century Breakdown, Revolution Radio, or Warning. I also do American Idiot, but their are a few songs I skip through (Boulevard of Broken Dreams) so not truly front to back. If you want a really good front to back experience choice 21st Century Breakdown or American Idiot.” A Green Day member revealed a painful Axl Rose photo last week.