Billy Corgan Compares New Smashing Pumpkins Album To Nirvana Classic


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan compared the band’s upcoming new album Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol. 1: No Past. No Future. No Sun. to Nirvana’s Nevermind and Guns N’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction. He appeared to be trolling, as he does in many answers. Below are excerpts from recent Corgan Instagram story Q&A’s.

What sound would No Past, No Future, No Sun closest resemble to previous records, if any?

Appetite For Nevermind.

Will there be a tour in 2019 and will it be album specific?

Touring looks good. Touring around LP, no. Like I’ve said, we are not returning to theaters unless it’s for deep cuts shows.

What’s the most significant conclusion you’ve arrived at from your efforts so far?

For every pundit who’d declared SP dead as a force, well, they were proven wrong in spades. I told people in business over and over through the years the fans would stick by us and you did.

Do you think we will ever discover Atlantis?

I have a pretty good idea we know where it is. There is certainly plenty of evidence.

Do you think a longer tour of Europe with a smaller production than Shiny will be possible in the near future?

No, I refuse. I played plenty of smaller shows under SP banner between 2009-2015(?). Those days are over.

Did you ever see a fanmade [MACHINA] track order that was close to matching your vision/storyline?

I read that guy’s take and running order and it was all self-important bullshit. Honestly, a waste of my time.


    Smashing Pumpkins sucks.

  • Seattlesound21

    I see them play wembley arena last month the show its self was brilliant but it didn’t completely sell out I would prefer to see them play smaller sold out shows than bigger shows with empty seats

  • Willl

    Quote: ” He appeared to be trolling, as he does in many answers.”

    And you appear to be clickbaiting the headlines, as you do in articles.

    Kinda rough on the guy with the fan theory though… I thought that was the whole point of the initial (newly-revealed to be condensed) release of Machina. For the fans to have fun trying to “piece together the clues” or whatever. Some guy goes overboard with what he had given and gets that? I haven’t looked at it. I don’t care. A “rock opera” is of little interest to begin with, let alone one that was incomplete for 20 years (complete with contests “for the fans”) that is bitterly closed off to any interpretation at all (and a similar treatment with the explaination to the newest and probably my favorite Pumpkins video released).

    What happened to all of that good pre-tour energy? Don’t let the bullshit of the digital age squash that back down… times like this don’t come for nothing. Filter that shit out and protect that chemistry.