Billy Corgan’s Friend Calls Out ‘Unprofessionalism’ Of D’arcy: ‘Who Is The Real Egomaniac?’


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s friend and former solo bandmate Linda Strawberry reacted to D’arcy Wretzky sharing text message conversations she had with Billy Corgan in a new post on a Pumpkins Facebook group. Alternative Nation will be publishing the first in-depth interview with D’arcy in 20 years later tonight.

“I can’t be silent anymore. I just cannot even fathom the level of unprofessionalism. I just woke to the clickbait headlines of D’arcy sharing Billy’s texts as somehow being proof that he lied to her – when in fact reading them made me realize just how hard he has been trying to make it work for her. He was willing to do all of the work and put as little pressure on her as possible even though no one has seen her for 18 years. No one knows what state she is really in.

The things I have heard from people near her have been worrying me for months, including a horrific photo….. Now I’m so mad because there are so many people working hard on this and she basically just tried to ruin everything and ruin all the excitement because she perceived that what was being handed to her on a silver platter was not enough. That alone proves she is nowhere near capable of handling any of it. And the fact that she is trying to set Billy up in the press as the bad guy so she can bask in the victim position – thus letting herself off the hook, makes me the most upset of all. Not only does she not appreciate what was being done for her – she wants to hurt the people who were trying to make it happen for her. I just can’t fathom it.

All of the people who have been working hard for the last year just got derailed by the ego of one not very well person…. All of the magic, creativity, planning, writing, etc. So unprofessional. My take is she knows she can’t do it and wants to burn down the house so she won’t be pressured to do it ever again. Who’s the real egomaniac?”

  • D675PDX

    Have to agree with Linda on this one. I think D’arcy releasing those texts backfired on her.

    • Bettie

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    • Cody Devere

      You’re blind then.

  • Corndog

    She can’t do it? Anyone who has played bass for more than a few months should have zero problems playing the average Pumpkins baseline. They don’t tend to be particularly difficult.

    • Dade Martin

      I think it’s more about being able to play and provide backup vocals on all those songs every night on a lengthy tour. This FB post from Strawtits didn’t help anything, but saying she was “body shaming” her after seeing a photo that wasn’t even specified which one- it shouldn’t be considered shaming when you see a recent picture of someone who looks unhealthy from years of drug abuse and plastic surgery gone wrong. Add in the fact that she hasn’t been involved in any musical projects in nearly 20 years and no shit people are going to doubt her. Her behavior has been erratic and that of someone who isn’t stable. One question I hope you guys asked her was whether or not she had these supposed opportunities to come visit and/or rehearse with the band. It’s hard to imagine why either of them couldn’t figure that out in the past 2 years. Regardless of if D’arcy wanted to be involved for the money or not is basically irrelevant now, the bottom line is that too many other people DO care about the paycheck, that’s just the reality like it or not. Same as Billy said in the text messages. There’s already enough to blame him for, I can’t put this one on him honestly. Would have loved to see her involved in any capacity for this tour but it’s a shame she chose to alienate her former band mates out to click-bait websites under the guise that she’s “standing up to Billy’s bullshit!” – the whole thing is ridiculous and missing a ton of context that most fans aren’t even trying to comprehend.

      • Cody Devere

        Can’t wait to hear Jack Bates backing vocals. ??

      • Cody Devere

        How about the fact the “band” has done nothing relevant in almost two decades?

  • helkin dowodie

    I think we all know who the real shit stirrers are here and it’s not D’arcy, Billy nor photos; shame on you at Alternative Nation especially reporting this one sided stalked news. You are responsible from the beginning even if you’re generating traffic out of “click bait” tabloided rubbish

  • Cody Devere

    Strawberry is a puppet.

  • Cody Devere

    So which Corgan proxy leaked the 20yo photo? Kind of a cunty move in this era of female empowerment.

  • johnxo

    Finally someone with eyes to see what’s really happening.

  • Brian Lynch

    D’arcy should post a current video of her playing to silent critics.

  • Hermione Granger

    D’arcy = bat-shit crazy

  • roeben zwart

    body shaming d’arcy (horrific photo) and using gossip (The things I have heard from people) to slander her, is not very helpful for strawberry to make her point unless she wants to come across as toxic.

  • SteveWilmos

    Can’t be silent anymore? She should get relevant and crawl back to Myspace.

    Darcy remained silent for what, 18 years? Releasing or backing the release of that photo with the obvious intent is pure buzzardry. Corgan is wisely keeping his mouth shut but in place of not speaking out against that unwisely says more.

  • Bill Poogh

    Sounds about right.