Bono ‘Dirty’ Secret Revealed By U2: ‘It’s Private’


U2 members Bono and The Edge were recently interviewed, and Bono revealed his ‘dirty little secret.’ Bono made a terrible Prince death revelation yesterday.

Bono: Are you saying, The Edge — excuse me, I am doing Nirmika’s job — that The Edge is the least interesting part about being The Edge?

The Edge: Something like that.

Bono: I’m definitely saying that about myself and it’s a dirty little secret which is the roar of a crowd, those screams, those shouts, those wails are not actually for us, they are for people’s attachment to the songs. And you take a bow, you say thank you very much, but actually, what’s going on is much more private.

People have had dated, they have had intimacies with your songs, they have got married to your songs, broken up to your songs, have lost their loved ones and those are the real things people are attached to… It’s just a funny thing, people don’t own up to that but it’s sort of true. The music is much more interesting than the musician.

Gene Simmons called Bono a ‘little girl’ last year. U2 are reportedly working with producer Ryan Tedder currently, and the decision was defended by aki-d4fer on Reddit.

“Guys y’all need to calm down a bit, look I don’t like Ryan Tedder or OneRepublic’s music as much as the next poster but U2 make good albums regardless of who they work with, producers can only do so much, U2’s ability make their best albums and write their best music comes down to themselves alone, their attitude and their motivation, producers are irrelevant except for assistance in creative direction, but for U2 the songs have got to be there first, the songs the melodies comes first before they add the next layers.

Bono recently reacted to awful Bono disrespect. The Reddit user added, “What matters is that the drive is still at it’s fiercest, their ambition to write great songs it’s very apparent from interviews that Bono wants it more than ever, take solace in the fact that the band are currently at the peak of their songwriting craft, the band’s effort/attitude is more important than the producers they work with and for the last two albums they’ve never been as focused and the effort they have put into SOI and SOE was unprecedented because they know these were looking back albums, a summarizing of their entire career, a sense of finality, the closing chapter, an endgame, everything was leading up to the ‘Songs Of’ era, the band had discussed song of experience and innocence as far back as the late 80’s.”

You can read the full interview at Rolling Stone India.