Howard Stern Reacts To Awful Bono Disrespect


Howard Stern interviewed The Party Bros Chad Kroeger and JT on Wednesday. Kroger is named after Nickelback’s frontman, and he made the bold claim that Bono and U2 only do ‘1/4’ of what Nickelback do and somehow got a Grammy. U2 broke their silence last month with a bold message to Metallica. recapped: After the break they played The B-52s ”Love Shack” as they were coming back. Howard talked it up and sang along with it.

Howard said he has Chad and JT there. He said everyone is excited about it. He said this is Chad Kroeger and JT. He said they hail them over there. Howard said look at these two. He said what they’re doing is great. He said people talk about doing stuff but they go out and do it. He said they believe in speaking their mind and using their first amendment rights.

The guys said that it can hurt sometimes. Howard said they call them the party boys but he calls them Chad and JT.

Howard asked if he likes Nickelback because he’s named after the band leader. Chad said he loves them. JT said they have a song where they reference Nelson Mandela and then he comes out and becomes president. He said they reference him in a bunch of songs. He said U2 only does a quarter of what they do and they get a Grammy.

Howard asked the guys about wanting Nickelback to have diplomatic immunity. Howard asked what that’s about. Chad said that they’re Canadian so they need to have that freedom. JT said that’s like making them a knight in this country. Howard Stern recently made a bold AC/DC claim.

Howard asked if they had any luck getting them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. JT said he’s already written his induction speech. Howard asked if he can give them a glimpse of what would happen if they were inducted. They said they would get nervous being up there. JT said it’s not just the music but the goatees and the air and the whole package.