Chester Bennington Saved Famous Alternative Rock Singer From Suicide: ‘He Was There For Me’


The Used frontman Bert McCracken discussed the deaths of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in a new Forbes interview.

Baltin: As an artist and a dad you also have to empathize then and think about both Chester and Chris. I am sure you knew both.

McCracken: There’s a lot of stigma surrounding depression, we know there’s no cure. And to speak of suicide with any connotations to selfishness makes me sick and so angry that I end conversations immediately. Chester was there for me at a time where I was deadly suicidal and he saved my life in 2004. The fact that nobody was able to be there for him in those moments is something we all should think about.

How I’ve chosen to deal with the death of Chester and my friend Traegan is to try to deal it with the opposite way I dealt with death in the past and that’s not internalize anything and maybe speak about it all the time, put it out there to fans, strangers even. And in that way I kind of feel more connected to what depression might be, more a problem of humanity, a problem with American entitlement and boredom.