Chris Cornell Movie Details Have Leaked


According to a Twitter user, there is some sort of Chris Cornell film project in the works featuring his family. Musiq Foodchild tweeted that Chris Cornell Jr. and Vicky Cornell were seen working with a film crew.

“Today we have filming crew in the office for a Soundgarden Documentary and they wanted to shoot the first scene w/ Chris Cornell’s son looking at a Soundgarden poster.”

“And now I’m realizing Chris Cornell’s wife is here too.”

It’s unclear if the project is for a movie documentary or a television special or feature. The Cornell family haven’t confirmed any of this yet, so no details are known outside of this fan tweet.

Banger Films duo Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn announced in January 2017, prior to Chris Cornell’s death, that the Soundgarden documentary with Canadian indie director Reg Harkema had been canceled and replaced with a documentary focused solely on Cornell. It’s unclear how much work was done with Cornell prior to his May 2017 death.

In a January 2017 “Ask Me Anything” session on Banger TV’s YouTube channel, Dunn revealed that that the Soundgarden documentary was no longer in the works.

He explained, “We, unfortunately… We were in a long development phase with the band, and we put the call out to fans and people who love the band and had photos and memorabilia in their collection — things that we might be able to use for the film — but, unfortunately, kind of at the last minute, the one-yard line, if you will, the plan kind of fell apart. Not everyone in the band wanted to do the film. That’s the crux of it. Now, we are — although it’s not officially being announced yet, but I’ll say it anyway — is we will be doing a Chris Cornell documentary, which I’m really excited about because, although one fourth of Soundgarden, this is a guy whose career is obviously a huge part of the Soundgarden story and vice versa. But also his story goes far beyond Soundgarden, obviously with Audioslave and then with his own solo project. So, in a sense, we will be telling, to some extent, the story of Soundgarden through Chris’ film, but it will, of course, be about much more than that.”

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil spoke to Alternative Nation about the proposed band documentary in June 2014: “I haven’t seen any footage yet, but we have a general idea, an outline. We imagine it’ll be chronological, and maybe a bit autobiographical. [chuckles] I don’t know, I haven’t seen anything yet, but I imagine it’ll be very good. The guys who I understand are working on it are fantastic; they make some great documentaries.”

  • Trovoid

    I was upset when that original documentary got scrapped, it would’ve been really cool. Whether they do one focused on Chris or SG specifically- it would be amazing either way. But if his family is involved in the direction of this then I can’t say I’m all that interested.. Assuming it’s even a documentary and not something else.

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  • Axl

    the title of this article is ‘Chris Cornell Movie Details Have Leaked’….then later on in the article, ‘It’s unclear if the project is for a movie documentary or a television special or feature.’ fantastic reporting, boys.

    • lima85

      According to a Twatter source, nuff said.

  • ellie

    Why do they keep calling chris’ son junior…he is not Chris Cornell, Jr. His middle name is Nicholas, Chris’ was John. I wonder what New spin Vicky will have on Chris now, gotta keep that lifesyle up and use her late husband to do that.

    • HippieChic61

      Perhaps Chris called him Jr. as a nickname.

  • Christina Hurst

    I looked up his networth and it aint much (Celebrity lifestyle) to live on or be distributed. So Im sure shes gonna push for lots of cereal box projects.

    • BubbaClinton

      60 million ain’t much ?