Listen To Stone Temple Pilots’ Full Troubadour Show With New Singer & MC5’s Wayne Kramer


Stone Temple Pilots’ first live concert with new singer Jeff Gutt aired on SiriusXM last night. The show took place on Tuesday at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. MC5’s Wayne Kramer appeared as a special guest for “Kick Out The Jams.” Kramer mentioned that Jeff Gutt and himself were both from Detroit, and congratulated him on his new gig with STP. members also weighed in on the show.

JugeSTP posted:

Listening to this show right now on Howard 101. My comments so far:

Down -excellent vocally, A+

Wicked Garden – was ok. I would scrap this song from the setlist.

Vasoline – pretty good. I loved when Scott would sing this raspy and almost punk but he did a good job.

Coma – AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Sings it better than Scott did live.

Interstate Love Song – disappointing. I think he might be better at the Core era vocals than Purple.

Big Empty – A+. Sounds really really good on this song.

Jeff sings Still Remains in his own style… sounds less like Scott than any other. But it sounds great. Super cool. He sounds more like Scott in the chorus.

He sounds fantastic on Sex Type Thing. This guy is so talented.

Last song was Piece of Pie which we already knew he was outstanding at from the soundcheck. A+ on that too. Only disappointing tracks vocally were ILS and Wicked Garden for me. Overall I’d say that Jeff live is an incredible vocalist and STP really did do a good job of finding someone good. He is so much better for this material than Chester. Plush was not aired. Not sure if they never played it or if it just didn’t make the re-air.

Aaron posted:

He sounds pretty great here I have to say.

Holy shit does Coma sound good. Really want to hear a solid performance of that one live again. Looks like i’ll have a chance here eventually. I thought Wicked Garden and Vasoline were good as well. Interstate was a little funky on some of the artistic choices in the first verse (as mentioned by Blue). I though Jeff’s voice seemed to waiver a bit in the chorus here and there… not awful though, and certainly very good for what must have been a nerve-wracking first performance.

The song I missed Scott on the most was definitely Big Empty. No one will ever sing Big Empty as well live as Scott, IMO. I love how he used to hang on the final ‘kill’. Definitely msised that from Gutt. On the other hand Still Remains sounded amazing.

All in all, I am impressed with Gutt (I now know its pronounced ‘Goot’) so far! I hope the new music stacks up, but I feel pretty good that these guys will still give a great live show.