Chris Cornell’s Siblings Describe Emotional Visit To ‘Where Our Mother Buried Her Child’


Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s brother Peter made a post on Instagram to mark the 9-month anniversary of his brother’s death.

“9 months. We brought our sweet, baby beast with us to visit and he made a new friend. We also brought our sister. Brother’s Irish twin in the truest sense of the term. To this day, one year separates them. Immersed in the reminiscence that could readily be understood by another soul bound by the same DNA. Connected by our pain. Connected by our tears and our memories. We stood on the Fairbanks lawn where our bygones became bygone. Where our Mother buried her child.

Compassion joins that conversation. Compassion, forgiveness, memories, tears and all the what-ifs that accompany two siblings standing there wishing for a different outcome. I am grateful for the intuition that felt a presence at a place that usually only delivers lonely tears.

I continue to feel my greatest strength in the numbers. The hope resides in the hearts and healing of all who will generously read these words. We don’t stand alone. We have each other. We have our loved ones. We have our brothers and sisters. 9 months and it seems like yesterday and a thousand years ago. Strength in numbers! Thank you Sister. We love you and we miss you Brother.”

  • DiDi Girl21

    Beautifully worded 💝💞💝☘🍃☘🥀🍃☘

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  • Olga Stewart

    Oh Peter.

    And there goes my eyes filling up with tears again.