Chester Bennington Widow Posts White Swimsuit Photo


It has seemed like it has been an extremely long time since we have seen and heard Chester Bennington since his sad passing. Since his passing, many fans, family, and friends, have kept his legacy alive by speaking about him and helping those who are also going through negative thoughts or are in a currently bad headspace.

Keeping the legacy alive of Chester, Talinda Bennington took to Instagram to send out a fairly short, yet very to the point message of how she has been dealing with the loss of Chester Bennington.

Via Instagram, Chester’s widow posted the following: “We are the best of friends. We are mothers. We are daughters. We are Aunties. We are widows. We want you to ask us about our lives with our husbands. We handle the loss by keeping their memories alive. We grieve terribly but move forward in life by leaning into that pain. We lean into the pain and always find comfort, love, and hope from our family and friends. Life dealt us an unimaginable hand. But with every ounce of pain comes beautiful memories and a deeper, stronger, more grounded type of love from those who are still holding us up.”

Fans replied under the post with lots of heartfelt messages that flooded not only the comment section, but the DMs of Talinda as well to send out their concerns and well wishes to Chester’s widow. This post seems to come out at a good time to comfort those who were affected by the loss of Naomi Judd who recently passed away from her own wishes  and on her own terms.

With Chester also doing the same, it seems that fans are able to get some kind of clarity of these situations through the eyes of Talinda Bennington and the family of Naomi Judd. Below, you can see the post that was put up featuring Talinda outside in the photo where she explains her current stance on life and the situation regarding Chester.