Dave Grohl Bad Rage Against The Reunion Claim Revealed


Rage Against The Machine are back together, but sadly the entire band did not win best singer, guitarist, drummer, and bassist on SiriusXM’s Lithium competition, as Morello won best guitarist, but Dave Grohl beat out Brad Wilk for best drummer. Dave Grohl broke his silence on a Red Hot Chili Peppers firing a few days ago.

Morello reacted to the news on social media, “HEY THANKS Sirius/XM Lithium listeners for voting me your Number One #BestGuitarist! An honor to be in the company of your #BestBassist @flea333 & #BestDrummer Dave Grohl. #RockOn.”

Rage Against The Machine fans recently discussed the best songs to introduce new fans to the band. Chas97 posted, “I’ve heard a couple songs (the main ones most people know) but from someone who is pretty unfamiliar with the bands back catalogue where do you think I should start? Hit me with the most essential albums and songs.”

EtTuBrutAftershave responded, “Start with the first album and work through chronologically. Know Your Enemy and Bombtrack are 2 of my personal faves.”

Nakoichi chimed in, “I hate to sound like a nerd, but if you don’t understand what certain verses mean or know who some of the names dropped in their songs are; Google them, a lot of the people referenced in their songs are revolutionary figures. Many of them killed by either the US government or overthrown by right wing military coups (the majority of which were orchestrated by the CIA). I’m not saying that it’s not enough to enjoy their music, I just feel that right now their underlying messages (especially the more obscure references) are extremely important right now.

If you are going over their whole discography, do yourself a favor and head down the rabbit hole that is RATM lyrics. Not only is it fascinating how much there is to unpack in just a single song, but you’ll probably learn some important history that isn’t widely taught in schools (especially in the US).” Rage Against The Machine and Foo Fighters members teamed up at a surprising show recently.