Dave Grohl Brutal Car Accident Revealed In Video


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl discussed a car accident he had in his younger days over the weekend at a BBQ in Texas in a video. The video can be seen as the last part of the Instagram album below. The full context of the story isn’t clear, but Grohl mentioned somebody being kicked out of a club, and how he ended up jumping back in and getting a ride home from a woman and getting in a car accident. Dave Grohl recently made a stunning Kurt Cobain bathroom claim.

Grohl said, “Then some chick is like, ‘Can I can drive you home?’ I’m like, ‘Cool.’ So I get into the car with some random chick, and we get into a car accident.”

Grohl recently discussed playing with John Paul Jones and Josh Homme in Them Crooked Vultures. Grohl also took some gross eating photos a few days ago.

“Josh is one of my best friends,” he says. “We’re like brothers. We go out and have waffles together. We ride motorcycles. There is nobody I’d rather play drums with. He’s the guy.” He cannot keep his cool around Jones, though. “There are times when you’ve relaxed into a sofa and you’re not thinking about his time in Led Zeppelin. Then you start playing and you’re immediately reminded that you are a musical speck compared to this man.” Grohl also recently made a bold Kurt Cobain demand at a Foo Fighters concert.

Grohl added, “It’s still hard to accept that I got to play in a band with that guy. Technically we’re still a band.” Does that mean something’s on the horizon? He teases: “We practice once every decade, and we’re coming up on another decade aren’t we? I don’t have any official news but there’s always something cooking.” Grohl made the remarks in a Guardian interview.