Dave Grohl Makes Bold Kurt Cobain Demand At Concert


Dave Grohl jokingly said that he demanded that his daughter Violet wear a Nirvana shirt to honor Kurt Cobain at a recent Foo Fighters festival performance in Budapest, Hungary. Dave Grohl revealed why a threat led to him being booed at a Foo Fighters show in a new interview.

“Her name is Violet Grohl, that’s my daughter right there. Let me tell you something, nothing makes me happier than playing music with my daughter Violet.

And I make her wear the Nirvana shirt. I’m like, ‘You’re wearing that Nirvana shirt tonight motherf***er.’ I’m like, ‘Put on the Nirvana shirt, that’s what you will wear.'”

Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins recently launched a petition to reunite Oasis in the United Kingdom, and while Noel Gallagher took a shot at Grohl by countering with a Foo Fighters breakup petition at a Smashing Pumpkins concert, Liam Gallagher has thanked Grohl for his efforts, but said an Oasis reunion is highly unlikely. A fan asked Liam on Twitter, “Morning Liam did you hear what foo fighters said about you at reading?” Liam responded, “Not even the mighty Dave Grohl can get me and the squirt back together bless him for trying.” Dave Grohl revealed last week who he ripped off on “Everlong.”

Liam Gallagher announced on Sunday, “Due to safety issues with the stage, we’ve been advised not to perform at the Fall in Love festival tonight. Absolutely gutted that we’ve come all this way and we can’t perform for you but safety comes first as always. Love LGx.” He tweeted last week, “Listen up all you boppers out there in the big city all you street people with an ear for the action slowthai has pulled out of the UK Tour Gutted
I still love ya homeboy good luck in the USA LG x.”