Dave Grohl Has Potty Mouthed Reaction To Foo Fighters Being Called ‘Dad Band’


Three’s The Project recently interviewed Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins to find out how they handle Foo Fighters now having the ‘dad band’ label.

Grohl and Hawkins originally had some discomfort with the label, saying they don’t believe they’ve crossed the hill into dad band territory just yet.

“This news presenter right out of the gate first question: ‘so, you’re dad band’ and we were like ‘no-one had ever called us a dad band before,” Grohl said.

“F**k you, man.”

Hawkins added: “I guess we are a dad band though.”

Grohl also discussed flying home for 24 hours to Los Angeles in the middle of an Australian tour.

“Every year they have a Daddy-daughter dance at their school,” he explained.

“My wife texted me and said, ‘Here’s the date. Put it in your calendar.’ I look at it and think this is in the middle of tour. It was a day off between Adelaide and Perth. And we live in Los Angeles.”

Continuing on, Grohl said he told his manager he couldn’t do the Perth show, but as it was already sold out to 40,000 fans, there was no way out.

And although a sweet gesture, it didn’t leave co-host Steve Price feeling all that good about himself.

“You’re making us look so bad!,” he said.

“I cancelled Daddy Day because I wanted to go to golf.”

  • dr.3000

    That radio host is an asshole.

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