Dave Grohl Spotted Drinking In Return Show Video


In a rare public appearance since the death of acclaimed and gifted Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, frontman Dave Grohl can be seen at a Supergrass concert recently in Los Angeles. It should be noted however that this isn’t the first time that Grohl has been publicly seen since the death of Hawkins. The singer of such songs as ‘Times Like These’ and ‘The Pretender’ was first spotted at New Orleans Jazz Fest. You can see video of Grohl having a good time drinking a beer at the show below.

In related Dave Grohl news, during an interview with Radio X, which was conducted before the death of the beloved Foo Fighters drummer, Hawkins and Dave Grohl discussed a mutual passion – barbecuing. Here, Grohl discussed his overall passion for the hobby while Hawkins would later bring up how the prospect of potentially owning a restaurant together would divorce the two. Credit to Cheatsheat.com for the following transcription.

When we stopped touring for the last record, you know, you’re left after being on the road for years and years and years, and then you’re just sort of sat down on your back porch with nothing to do, you could lose your f***ing mind.

“So, Nat [Mendel] gave me this smoker, it’s called a Big Green Egg. I just started learning how to do it, and it was very therapeutic for me because when you’re slow cooking something at a low temperature if you’re doing a brisket, like an eight-pound brisket, that’s a good 10 hours out of your day.”

Continuing Hawkins said: “At one point, me and you even talked about finding a small little dive bar around where we live and turn it into like a rock club/Dave’s barbecue,” he explained. “Then we realized that we’d get divorced if we did that. So, we’re not going to do that.”