Angus Young Reveals ‘Miserable’ Brian Johnson AC/DC Lie


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young and the late Malcolm Young’s interview with Classic Rock Magazine was recently published online for the first time, and they revealed a Brian Johnson lie. Angus Young revealing why he ‘got rid of’ a surprising AC/DC singer was revealed yesterday.

Malcolm said, “The most annoying one is with Brian and the lyrics to Back In Black. [It has been alleged that it was Scott, and not Johnson, who wrote the words to some of that album’s biggest songs before he died]. That’s complete bollocks. Poor old Brian’s had to deal with that one for the past 20 years. It just won’t go away.”

Angus Young also discussed songwriting, “You can guarantee [an idea will come] you’ve got no f**king guitar, or a tape recorder. You’ll be walking down the f**king road and bingo, something’ll go off in your head. Or you’ll get up for a piss and it’ll happen then. That keeps you awake all night, because you can’t get back to sleep. It’s happened to me. The trigger can be something somebody says to you, a chord on the guitar or just about anything. It can even be a f**king drum.

People say we make the same album over and over again, but there’s some clever things in our songs that haven’t been picked up on to this day. Listen to the guitar at the beginning of Who Made Who, for instance, and you’ll recognise that it’s actually truck horns. Y’see, there is thought and subtlety that goes into it.”

An AC/DC family member revealed why a major reunion tour was canceled earlier this week. AC/DC fans discussed the ticket prices on their last tour compared to other bands on Inferno said, “Notice how many more shows AC/DC had to play to get to that amount of money. Way more than some of those other artists. The Stones pulled in 114 mil from just 14 shows!”

Schnacattack posted, “If you go with money earned by the shows played….. This is a little unfair. Rolling Stones charge an arm and a leg for their tickets. AC/DC still charges fairly reasonable prices. They could hike up their prices but they still allow for the “everyday” fan go to their concerts.”

Inferno responded, “It’s not unfair at all. This has nothing to do with what is right for the everyday fans. (And by the way, AC/DC will charge what the market will bear.)

The original comment was that AC/DC was the biggest live band in any genre. The answer is no they are not. They are not even the biggest live band in the rock genre. Spin it any way you want and the answer is still the same.

Personally I think AC/DC is the BEST live band, but that does not equate to the biggest. They don’t draw the number of people that some acts do.” An AC/DC icon savagely ripping a U2 member was revealed a few days ago.