Ted Nugent Brutally Goes After King Charles In Video


The Queen passed away on September 8 after a historic 70-year reign The longest-reigning monarch was 96 years of age at the time of her passing. The Queen’s son, Prince Charles, succeeded her as the King of England. She is mourned by many, but not by everyone around. Controversial rocker Ted Nugent recently opened up on King Charles’ Royal Family.

Ted Nugent opens up on the Royal Family

During the September 30 edition of “The Nightly Nuge”, a news-style clip in which Ted Nugent offers his take on the news of our world every night, co-host Keith Mark asked the legendary rocker why he thinks there is a fixation that exists for the British royal family.

“For those that are interested in why anyone would still believe in kings or queens or emperors or despots or tyrants, let me put it in their language: “Baaaaaah. Baaaaaah. Baaaaaah,” Nugent said, imitating a sheep. “They’re looking for leadership, historical abuse of power… Now, has the Queen come around as the royal family… The whole concept is just putrid to me. I think the Nugent is a royal family. I think the Mark are a royal family. I think the average American family is more ‘royal’ than the English royal family. I think the entire concept of kings and queens and emperors and tyrants is offensive.

“Why would there be a royal family still living in those castles while those people are still trying to find a dentist on the street?” he continued. “It’s a pretty sad statement on how brainwashed, how easily led, how easily fooled and diverted attention can allow someone to worship another human being.”

“I have great reverence for [American bow hunter and manufacturer] Fred Bear and I have great reverence for [former U.S. president] Donald Trump and I have great reverence for the good heroes of law enforcement and the military, but I don’t worship anything. I worship God. I worship God and God’s miraculous creation — this incredible, miraculous gift of life. Not a king, not an emperor. The Japanese thought their were emperors were God. How soulless can you be to attribute God-like powers to another human being?

“So I will leave it at that,” Nugent added. “I’ve spent a lot of time in England. They’ve got great rock and rollers over there; they’ve got wonderful people over there; and I don’t mean to offend people by mouthing sheep language. But my goodness, we are all independent beings created in the image and likeness of God. We are capable of unbelievable things, if we just call upon the gifts and the talents that God has given us. And it doesn’t mean jack squat that someone is born into royalty. In fact, I think that is an offense to the rest of the population.

“So, I know people are fascinated with that, because look at some of the TV shows, look at some of the music, look at some of the Hollywood productions, look what Disney’s doing nowadays, look what Big Tech represents. People are easily fooled, and they’ve been fooled to think that the royal family qualifies as royalty.”