Dave Grohl Reveals Why Kurt Cobain Peed In Little Girl’s Shoe


Comedian Adam Ray revealed a hilarious Kurt Cobain story that Dave Grohl told him from the Nirvana days in a new WAAF interview.

“We just talked comedy, music. He was telling these Nirvana stories, one in particular I try to rehash is he said Kurt Cobain during one show, maybe a year into them being together, just a crowded little venue in downtown Seattle, somebody throws a tiny shoe up at Kurt Cobain at one point during the show. He stops mid-song, and takes the shoe and whips his thing out, and just starts peeing in the shoe.

Everyone kind of goes nuts, then he says some other choice words and whatever, and goes back into the song. Then at the end of the show people kind of start clearing out, and this tiny little girl walks up to the stage and said, ‘Did you guys see where my shoe was?’ It fell off during a mosh pit and somebody threw it on stage. He said, ‘I’m so sorry.’ That’s not a good Kurt Cobain [impression].”

Listen to the full clip below, where Ray credits Workaholics star Adam Devine for being able to meet Grohl at a concert, and Grohl then attending a comedy show.