Review: Demolition City Saints’ Lords of the Wasteland Will Haunt You


I’m going to tell you, Lords of the Wasteland, the debut album from horror-punk-metal rockers Demolition City Saints is musical monster mashup of awesomeness. Blistering fast guitar solos, soul-crushing drums and sweet as hell, melodically rich vocals are just a few of the secret ingredients that make up this fantastic Frankenstein-ed band the powerhouse they are. They will haunt and excite you all while converting you to their one-of-a-kind brand of rock.

On their debut album, Demolition City Saints aren’t interested in wasting your time- or theirs. “Crash City”, the opening track from Lords of the Wasteland bleeds with addictive vocals on top of a great main guitar riff and a chorus that practically jumps out of the speakers, punches you in the face and demands you sing along.

With all the aggression of punk rockers like The Ramones and The Misfits, Demolition City Saints etch out a nice musical landscape all their own with the vocal attack of Melody Black and Baby Strange. Their crystal clear vocals and undeniably pop-infused hooks sink deep within you. Along with the fierce, metal guitars and punk attitude, the vocal approach plays perfectly as an undeniable nod to 80’s post-punk and New Wave reminiscent of Blondie of even some of the more interesting music of No Doubt.

Throughout the eight songs that make up Lords of the Wasteland, Demolition City Saints pull off what is quite possibly one of the most balanced albums I have heard in some time. At moments of sheer force and aggression, just when you think you can’t be pushed any farther in that direction, they change it up. Brilliantly, they straddle a fine line between pop bliss that could without doubt be a Top 40 hit (“Go Baby GO”, “Self Destruction”) and in your face metal inspired chaos (“Hooligans Prayer”)

Demolition City Saints keep it fresh without playing it safe. It’s better to risk than to regret and Lords of the Wasteland prove that the sonic risks that Demolition City Saints took on their debut album paid off. If you are in the mood for something that will make you throw up the devil horns, bang your head but move you and leave you chanting along, there is no doubt this is the album for you. Fans of Garbage and The Ramones will go nuts for Lords of the Wasteland. 

The debut album from California’s Demolition City Saints will be released September 14th, 2018. Make sure you do yourself a favor and check out this wild band! You can thank me later.