Howard Stern Reveals Led Zeppelin ‘Drug Smoking’


Howard Stern recently discussed a Led Zeppelin drug smoking secret from his younger days on his show. A Led Zeppelin reunion photoshoot was leaked last week by a rock icon. recapped: Howard said he saw the band in 1977 or so and he went with Ted Utz who went on to be the GM of WNEW. Howard said they were both DJs at WRNW. He said he wasn’t really close to Ted but they went to see Led Zeppelin together. He said they left early because there were quarter sticks of dynamite raining down on his head. He said he had to get out of there. He said he thinks Ted left too. Howard said they saw the band for a while but it was dangerous.

Howard asked Jon Hein what the name of the tour or what the date was. Jon said it was June 1977. Howard said they played in 1977 and he was there. Jon read some of an article from back then when people were assaulting with fireworks. Howard said he thinks they were playing Kashmir and the fireworks were going berserk. He said he didn’t want to lose an eye or anything. Robert Plant revealed a massive Led Zeppelin tour offer earlier this month.

Howard asked Robin what the greatest Led Zeppelin album of all time is. Robin thought about it and said Houses of the Holy. Howard said no but close. Howard said Led Zeppelin II is the best. He said Houses is the second greatest. He said that was such a great album. He said he remembers laying in a guy’s house listening to the album.

He said he was at a party and had smoked some weed. He said he had a boy/girl party and he smoked a lot of weed which was new to him at the time. Howard said he was smoking it and the guy had a soundtrack going. He said it was the first time he heard the album. Howard played some ”Whole Lotta Love” and ”What is and What Should Never Be” after that. Howard said he was high listening to this. He played ”The Lemon Song” and talked about how he was maybe a junior or sophomore in high school when that came out.

Howard said that was the soundtrack of his awful childhood. Howard said Abbey Road was on the top of the charts and there were a lot of great albums in the charts too. He said it was a great time for music. Howard played some of the song ”Thank You” and sang along with it. Howard Stern unloaded on Nickelback disrespect last week.