Eddie Van Halen Bandmate Leaks Sad ‘Hair Loss’ Photo


Eddie Van Halen bandmate Sammy Hagar has confirmed that his hair is ‘thinning’ in a new ABC 7 Bay Area interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Michael Anthony just revealed the real reason Eddie Van Halen fired him.

“I got my hair. I was thinking the other day about brushing my hair, and I started looking and I can see my scalp. I’m not real vain, but I go wow man, my hair is thinning, but I’m not. I’m standing there with no shirt in front of the mirror, and I’m going, my hair is thinning, but I’m not.”

Sammy Hagar and The Circle are set to tour North America with Whitesnake this summer, and David Lee Roth is currently opening for KISS on their ‘End of the Road’ tour.

VH1986 posted in a review on VHLinks.com, “Great show from both acts, tonight. Dave came out like a professional and blew through an 11-song set in 45 minutes. His vocals were really good. He is singing the best he has since ’07, which was great. He was having a blast and looked good. His band is great, but I hope Mike and Ed are getting royalties for the use of their background vocals.

Nothing beats a KISS stage show. Their set-up and pyrotechnic sequencing is just phenomenal. It seemed obvious to my ears when they were getting assistance form backing tracks, or some other type of assistance. I know someone on the board can explain what they do. There were several songs, however, that they seemed to play with little to no assistance, and they sounded just fine–not as polished but much more authentic. Either way, I was entertained. Detroit Rock City, Shout it Out Loud, Deuce, Cold Gin, Lick it Up, Black Diamond, and Beth were my favorites. Biggest disappointment–no Firehouse.” Eddie Van Halen’s family recently revealed a ‘very sick’ video.