Axl Rose Girlfriend Leaks ‘Blindfold’ In Room Photo


Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose‘s ex-girlfriend, and wife in the “November Rain” video, Stephanie Seymour recently uploaded a photo of herself modeling a blindfold for Raven & Sparrow. An AC/DC icon recently dropped a ‘final’ Axl Rose tour bombshell.

elevendayempire wrote on recently about the new Guns N’ Roses album, “Welp, new dates for USA announced now. The window for a new album to promote this tour is shrinking – basically before March, right?

SP1At responded, “No. The SA dates appear to be irrelevant. I think they will sell because they are rearranged based on the previous tour because they were part of that, but they are not anymore, if that makes any sense. They will use the dates as a basis going forward. I would not be surprised to see an extra couple of SA dates at the end of the tour after the Australia+ dates are announced. This is not based on any fact, just experience for those that know me.

As I posted before, there has to be new material or a very big new perspective. Tickets are selling as I expected, but LN are not daft and they are also not talking. So, the SA dates and the time around this period will dictate the tour beyond it. The US stadium dates represent a big expectation and statement in a saturated market.”

MetalAlex78 said, “I’ve wondered about that. Slash is only committing this year to GN’R. But what if their new album comes out and it’s a big hit, which would mean GN’R would demand him to devote more than just this year to promote it?” A Guns N’ Roses icon recently revealed if he’s ‘done’ after 2020.