Tool Member ‘Creepy’ Dating Photo Revealed


Tool guitarist Adam Jones’ wife Korin Faught shared a Valentine’s Day date photo a couple of days ago. Adam Jones’ wife’s tight leather outfit was also revealed in a photo. Korin highlighted a creepy looking guy seated behind her and Adam at the restaurant. She asked, “Who is this guy?”

SoeMyzlack recently posted on Tool’s Reddit, “Going to my first tool concert on the 20th, wanted to know what to expect in the mosh pit.

While I understand asking such a thing is kinda weird it’s but for a good cause.

I may or may not be intending to engage in some psychedelic compounds and I wanted to know where it is a good idea or not considering my tickets are for the mosh pit exclusively.

Edit: I should add I’ve been to plenty of metal concerts just not tool. I’m familiar with how hectic those moshes can be.”

That_Random_Kiwi responded, “Early 90s opiate and undertow era there was mosh. Nowadays it’s about the most chilled I’ve ever seen a crowd, period, let alone for ‘heavy’ music… everyone just zones into a hypnotic trance and keeps tho their own selves/space… it’s kind of eerie and beautiful. If you know how to handle your gear, you’ll be fine.”

Buzzlite commented, “The moshing at Tool concerts does not take place in the material realm but the order of the collective unconscious. There you may also encounter many entities whom are from other dimensions. These beings can teach you much if you listen with an open mind and you can bring forth some enlightenment into this world.”

Way-tee-bee-chards chimed in, “Some headbanging. Watching Tool is a such sensory attack, you’ll be in awe of the experience. I had a dilemma though, i kept wanting to close my eyes (like I do when I’m listening to Tool via headphones or on mushrooms) but visually it is also amazing. Enjoy the shit out it.”

Advaita-VedantaAngel added, “It’s more meditative energy. Not really mosh pit energy. Imo you don’t need the psychedelic because it will blow your mind while sober. Not to mention it’s louder than you can imagine and even level 1 or 2 is enough to mess with your senses. If you love Tool, you’ll be right as rain.” Maynard James Keenan ‘no showing’ a major event with Tool was just revealed.