Eddie Van Halen ‘Very Sick’ Video Leaked By Family


Eddie Van Halen‘s son Wolfgang recently posted a great video of himself drumming in the studio, which has been described as ‘sick’ by a fan in a comment. Sammy Hagar recently reacted to an Eddie Van Halen ‘death bed’ rumor.

Mishaperiphery said, “Damn son, you are sick at drums!” Wolfgang responded, “Thanks, dude!!!” Azpxocivu chimed in, “Alex would be heckin proud, if I’m allowed to say so lol.” Wolfgang shot back, “Watch your language.”

PrideofPasadena posted, “Yeah, every little bit of music I’ve heard sounds pretty good. I have no doubt he can create some decent music. My issue would be his high voice. I’m not sure it’s gonna work well with some of the music. I can see that turning me off. Like the Gretle Van Zeppelin dude.”

Dutchie5150 responded, “I’ve thought about his voice to but you have to remember that we haven’t really heard it yet. With VH, you only his him singing the harmonies. Its not his lead voice…

The small bits of music he has released so far sounds great. I cant wait to check it out…”

DressedinRags wrote, “I can’t tell if the Byte app reference is Wolf’s way of sharing music that he’ll never (or at least not for a long time) release…or if he’d like to keep the previews coming for a future release date. He seems fairly non-chalant about his own creations, but maybe that’s his style – or the way music will be previewed and released in the future?”

Heisenberg chimed in, “Needs to get one of the tunes into an upcoming big budget movie. Ideally it could be a good way to acheive wide commercial exposure.” Michael Jackson’s daughter recently made a sad Eddie Van Halen claim.