Eddie Vedder Family Call Trump Voters ‘Shameful’


Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder have fans of all different backgrounds and political views, but Eddie’s wife Jill Vedder is saying that President Donald Trump’s 75 million voters should feel ‘shame.’

Jill wrote last week following the Capital Building riot, “Stop the lies!!!! GTFO now!! You did all this to our country. You have blood on your hands. You can try to backtrack now but you did this. You are a disgrace.

You are a monster. And if anyone comes here to defend the actions of yesterday or make light of the situation or support to him you will be blocked. It is not welcome here at all. ✌🏼 And to think that 70 million people voted for this man TWICE .. no one should be surprised this happened he has behaved this way since day 1 …Shame on all 70 million of you.”

She also wrote, “He’s already been impeached .. remove him immediately .. I can not believe what I’m seeing right now.”

Jill later posted, “As upsetting and stressful as it’s been the past few days I’m so grateful for my little family and my kids smiles.”

Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President, and have generally supported Democrat politicians throughout their career, outside of in 2000 when they endorsed Green Party nominee Ralph Nader for President.