Dave Grohl Spotted With Jennifer Aniston In Leaked Photo


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was recently spotted with Jennifer Aniston and other big names in a great photo. Foo Fighters have a brand new album coming this year, and fans on Reddit recently discussed their last two efforts, Concrete and Gold and Sonic Highways. Dave Grohl recently made an emotional Gavin Rossdale family revelation.

PeterL449Wattershed posted, “I don’t think accepted is the right word…But I didn’t really care for either. Both have a few shining moments, but I don’t think either contains a single song I’d consider quality Foo from start to finish. Both are albums I haven’t gone back to since they were released. I hope the next album has a vibe similar to the St. Cecilia EP, which was amazing, but we’ll see.”

LSOML responded, “Aw man I have to disagree with you hard here. I think Sonic Highways has 2 great Foos Songs: Something From Nothing & Feast and the Famine. I will say though, it is not the best thing they’ve put out. Concrete & Gold has really grown on me tho. I think songs like Run, Sky Is A Neighborhood, and Dirty Water were instant classics.

I also believe that La Dee Da is an amazing song as well, although it’s not really a Foo Fighter’s sounding song. I understand where you’re coming from tho, an album full of songs like Sean, St. Cecilia, and The Never Ending Sigh would be amazing and probably a contender for one of their best ever.”

Hearmymotoredheart said, “I was enthusiastic about SH when it dropped but that waned over time. I was only excited about maybe 2/3 of C&G, however, in terms of its vibe, it grabbed me and hasn’t let go. So that wins.” Dave Grohl was recently disrespected at an airport.