Eddie Vedder Meeting Luke Skywalker Will Blow Your Mind


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder was photographed with Mark Hamill at an Oscars party over the weekend. Hamill is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, mostly recently playing the iconic character in 2017’s The Last Jedi.

Eddie Vedder also at a cute moment with acting legend Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards ceremony, lovingly gazing at her and setting social media abuzz. See the photos below of Vedder and Hamill, along with the screenshots of Vedder and Streep at the Oscars.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Fansided wrote an article about Eddie Vedder showing up at the Oscars:

“Vedder is the elder statesman of the 90s grunge movement and is quickly becoming the only good thing left standing from that decade.

He’s a living, breathing easter egg always randomly popping up in the background when happy things are happening. When the Cubs were journeying to their first World Series in over 100 years, Vedder was in most shots behind home plate. Now he’s randomly seated behind Meryl Streep when the Oscars telecast cuts to and praises her work.

Basically, if you see Eddie Vedder you know something good is about to happen.”

  • Olga Stewart

    Luke and Eddie?

    Oh my! :).

  • Corndog

    Don’t be silly. Eddie Vedder IS Luke Skywalker. That’s why he left at the end of the last movie. “i must go, somewhere, there is a charity concert happening!”

    • Olga Stewart

      Ha ha!

      Actually, it would be fun to see Eddie in a STAR WARS film. :).

      • Helen

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      • Corndog

        It would have been fun to see Luke Skywalker in a SW movie too, but The Last Jedi fooked that one right up:)