Slash Reacts To Disgusting Michael Jackson Video Surfacing


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was asked about video surfacing of Michael Jackson’s alleged young victims being interviewed on the HBO documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ in a new VOS interview. Keep in mind the quotes are via Google Translate and may not be exact.

The reporter wrote, “Back in 1991, in full global euphoria of Guns N ‘Roses, Slash was invited by Michael Jackson to collaborate on the album Dangerous. Rubricó the intro of Black and White and a memorable solo in Give in to me.

Then, he had appearances in several live shows of the king of pop. This interview was made a few days before the release of the documentary Leaving Neverland, which again put into discussion the allegations of pedophilia about the deceased singer. However, Slash makes it clear that it is not a topic he wants to delve into.”

Did you see the documentary? How did the testimonies against Michael impact you?

“I did not see it, and I do not have an opinion about it.”

But you decided that you do not want to see it?

“I do not think I’ve ever seen any of Michael Jackson’s movies … I did not see This is It either. I’ve been traveling, so I did not have time to see it …”

But you will know what it is, and I do not know if you are surprised by the accusations because they refer to someone you knew (interrupts)

“I remember when everything came to light for the first time, and now it comes up again with some of the same sources, I’m aware of that, but I do not have an opinion about it.”