Greta Van Fleet Hot Sister Revealed In New Photos


Greta Van Fleet features Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka, but what many don’t know is there is a Kiszka sister, Veronica ‘Ronnie’ Kiszka, and she is beautiful!

Sam Kiszka discussed Ronnie in a past Song River interview, and you can view photos of her below.

Song River: What members come from rather large families and how many siblings do each of you have? (Twins… it is a given )

Sam Kiszka: We have a sister, Veronica, she’s older than me and younger than Josh and Jake. Compared to most people, we have a smaller family; we know everyone on our mom’s side. We always joke that Danny has family everywhere, he’s got like three-to-four trillion cousins, uncles, aunts, random family in random places. He also has a younger sister, Josie.

Song River: Of those family members what are some of the different creative processes going on?

Sam Kiszka: Veronica in Hawaii is learning to dive. Our entire family is adventurous, we’re always going out doing things, we strive for bigger success, no settling. We’re not the kind of people who would be satisfied working normal job hours, we like to make our own rules.