Eddie Vedder New Song With Tom Morello Revealed


Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has released a new cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” with Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder and Bruce Springsteen from his Atlas Underground 2 album. Morello used to play guitar with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

AK120 commented on YouTube, “Nice cover. I do think the guitar should be more prevalent in the solo because I couldn’t hear it too well with everything else going on. All in all good song tho.”

no no wrote, “earlier this morning I watched Bruce sing ‘I Hung My Head’ in a Sting 60th BD party tribute concert – the song isn’t very well known and it’s not until the very end that Springsteen gets to kick in and make it his own –

To be fair, Bruce really can’t sing any other Sting lyrics or play any songs by him because their music is really different and there’s not a lot of things anybody can do about it –


  • Stone Gossardish

    It’s Tom’s song. Gotta a beef with it, direct it to him.

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