Eddie Vedder Stunning ‘Weight Gain’ Photo Revealed


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder went back to the 80’s on the new Pearl Jam song “Dance of the Clairvoyants,” and now fans have created an ‘overweight’ photoshop where Ed looks like David Byrne in his ‘big suit.’ A Pearl Jam member recently reacted to Chris Cornell’s family trashing Eddie Vedder.

Journalist Scott Bernstein tweeted, “Recent photo of Eddie Vedder.” The new Pearl Jam single is getting a variety of responses from fans, with many liking the new direction, and others not digging it.

Jayberk17 posted on Reddit, “Not liking DOTC at all….Now I know I am probably gonna get a lot of downvotes for this “opinion” but I am not liking DOTC at all. I know and respect that PJ are trying something different here, but this song sounds nothing like the PJ I have loved for past 20+ years. The music is kind of all over the place, and the vocals aren’t anything spectacular either. I truly hope the rest of the album isn’t like this bc if it is, it will be a HUGE letdown in my opinion.”

EmptyNyets responded, “I’m an old guy, so I know that listening to a song for the first time will NOT be the same as listening to it the 101st time. Not sure how a definitive statement like this can be made 8 hours after a songs release. Maybe it will be good, maybe it won’t, but how the heck can anyone make that definitive determination immediately?”

ZkarabatVitalogy chimed in, “The fact that it is extremely different is what peaks my interest. The last few albums for me have been okay but nothing great. Hoping that this different sound will lead to an album like Yield (one of my favs from them) but the song also makes me fearful that this could be more like Binaural (which, clearly, I am not a fan of).” Eddie Vedder’s wife recently revealed if Pearl Jam will stay together long term.