Billie Joe Armstrong ‘Spits’ On Green Day Fans In Video


Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong was caught spitting towards the audience in a recent Green Day show video, though the fans seemed to love it, as it was classic punk rock! A big name made a surprising Green Day and Metallica demand earlier this week.

NeverBeliveMe posted on Reddit, “So he spit on the crowd and you hear people later say stuff like “Fuck you” and something like that. VIDEO (There is a timestamp in the link but if it doesn’t work, just go to 1:43:05). That’s a shitload of spit at once LOL. Anyway, lots of people in the comments find that disrespectful, so do you think he did it intentionally and maybe was mad at the crowd or was he just ‘punk’ and didn’t care?”

Jhaos responded, “Spitting on each other used to be considered a sign of respect amongst punks back in the day. It’s awesome to see he’s still keeping up with it.”

Threeothree commented, “Spitting has NEVER been considered a sign of respect, most punks in England were borderline retards (look at Sid Vicious) and once one person did something the rest copied it. Meanwhile the bands were all catching diseases.

Once punk trickled across the pond to the US, Americans being the morons they are just imitated everything they saw so spitting was very prominent in late 70s US punk aswell.

No doubt there will be a go fund me set up for the victims and people posting #metoo videos about how they got spit on. In the 90s the dorks that used to go see Green Day loved that shit (see the end of Aargon Ballroom video).”

LemmieBee chimed in, “He took a huge swing of Fuji water at the longshot show in 2018 and spit it all over me and the people around me. I was doing the water dance. In hindsight it’s kinda gross but, it’s Billie Joe. You don’t get done up all pretty to go to a concert (or you shouldn’t) so expect to get wet and sweaty anyway.

I mean, yeah I prefer not getting spat on but it’s not really that gross compared to getting the giant dude next to me’s sweat all over my face. I do the water dance with that too. It’s part of being at a concert. Especially a small venue.” Kurt Cobain’s daughter recently leaked a painful Green Day photo.