Blink-182 Member Makes Dave Grohl ‘Retirement’ Claim


Blink-182 singer/guitarist Matt Skiba has revealed that he is retiring his Dave Grohl guitar, after breaking his Foo Fighters instrument. A Blink-182 member recently unloaded on a big name pedophile accusation.

Skiba wrote, “Round 2, soon to be ex-Grohl blue. Looks good on you though. You get a free bowl of soup with that guitar? #caddyshack #davidgrohlman #grohlski #hotnightcity #sexohsex #606 @teenagetimekillersband @foofighters @davegrohlrp 🖤✨@fender #jaguar #custompaint I ♥️ DG. Truly. Kindest, coolest man in rock. #DGB (Dave Grohl Blue).”

Dill_est commented, “Hey Matt! I’m an industrial design student at auburn university and we are redesigning guitars and will be having a show at the end of April in Mobile! Would love for you to come and check them out. Would love to have you give input on our designs as they come into fruition!”

Maria_andersson_lundberg said, “It will be really nice love the color look ahead to see it finished. I have one question to you. I got my first electric guitar last week a black LA guitar but now there is only one thing missing a name and I wonder if you could help me with that? You are my favorite guitarist and one of my biggest sources of inspiration.”

Cvan1208 wrote, “Ran into DG and Taylor once and they were so sweet. Watching him get back up and play on a fucking broken leg back in 2015 was incredible. I’ve heard him called “the nicest guy in rock n roll.” I hope it’s true! His talent is fucking never-ending.” Howard Stern recently made a sad Dave Grohl daughter claim.