Eddie Vedder Wife Drops Pearl Jam Retirement Bombshell


Pearl Jam fans have feared about the future of the band after their inactivity between fall 2018 and 2020, but Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill has revealed that they have a ‘bond that can not be broken,’ alleviating fears of a breakup or retirement. Pearl Jam announced their new album Gigaton a few days ago.

“So excited for this!!❤️ these 5 guys collaborating and working together as a team and a band is how it all happens. The mutual love and respect they have for each other is admirable, true and a bond that can not be broken. It’s all of them.

One can’t do it without the others. They are so lucky to be surrounded by a trusted long time, loyal team. I am grateful to be able to sit back and watch them do what makes them happy and what will ultimately be a gift for all of us ❤️🌏❤️ #musichealsthesoul #respect #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #gigaton #boom ❤️💙.”

Andy Dick posted on the Ten Club board about a fall 2020 Pearl Jam North American tour, “Does anyone remember from previous years, 2016 maybe? How long between the leg1 and leg 2 announcements?

I live in western Canada. I think I should hold out for Seattle/Vancouver rather than travelling to Ottawa or Denver. 10c ticket deadline is soon, though, so I’m assuming they’ll announce leg 2 before the leg1 deadline… right?… I can’t remember how previous years went.”

JimmyV responded, “Honestly can’t remember the last time they had multiple legs for a U.S. tour. Neither 2013 nor 2009 really count because both were some shows (but not a full leg) earlier in the year and then an album and tour later. We might be going back to 2006 or 2003.”

WButler29 wrote, “I think the 2013 the fall was announced in June or July, with shows starting Oct 1st. Now with potential stadiums in early sept, I would suspect the announcement would be Feb/Mar timeframe, but no credible info, just basing off leadtimes of previous stadiums tours. If no stadiums, announcement could be further out.”

Pearl Jam lost a big name from their past on their new album.