Foo Fighters Accused Of Faking Huge Concert Moment


Update: have discovered Lucas’ true identity, and he’s not the KISS guy! Conspiracy solved!

Foo Fighters were joined onstage by a fan named Lucas in Cleveland on Wednesday night, but have some conspiracy theories about the performance! In a review, they stated:

I do have to wonder about one aspect of the show, though. Grohl brought a fan up onstage to play “Monkey Wrench,” and the “kid” – the only name we got was Lucas – nailed it. Now curiously, a fan known as “KISS Guy” for sporting full KISS makeup – we later learned his name is Yayo Sanchez, and he’s a guitarist and rock band camp leader in California – did the same song with Grohl & Co. last April.

Foo Fighters lead singer Dave Grohl and lead guitarist Chris Shiflett perform during the group’s Concrete and Gold Tour ’18 at Blossom Music Center. Joshua Gunter,

By all accounts, that episode was unstaged. However . . . Blossom’s “Lucas” bore an uncanny resemblance to KISS Guy, minus the makeup, of course. Even held the guitar the same way (the KISS Guy video is all over YouTube). So, “Lucas,” if you’re out there, hit me up with an email!

But that hardly took away from what surely will be one of the top shows of 2018.

Helping it along was the English rock band the Struts, especially with frontman Spiller, who looks like a mashup of young Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury and Tim Curry’s “Frank N. Furter” of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” fame (right down to the makeup and top-knot).

Watch video below.