Dave Grohl Challenges Foo Fighters Fan Onstage: ‘I’m Gonna Test Your Ass, I’m Simon Cowell’


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl invited Pierce back onstage at the band’s show in Atlanta on Saturday. Pierce performed “Under Pressure” with the band last fall. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments.

“I never had a repeat offender at a Foo Fighters show, but tonight, this crazy motherfucker Pierce is back. I’m not calling you up yet Pierce. First of all you’re wearing, that’s the same fuckin’ shirt you wore last time isn’t it? That’s fucked up. Pierce, ladies and gentlemen, you wanna come up and do a song with Foo Fighters? Get your ass up here Pierce. He’s a repeat offender, repeat offender! It’s gotta happen, this is the first time we’ve had the same kid twice in a year. Ladies and gentlemen, the kid with the same shirt that I wore to the 1996 MTV Awards, this is Pierce ladies and gentlemen! Hold on a second, he just said he brought five different signs for five different songs.”

“I should be able to pick this song motherfucker. You know this is my fuckin’ show, right? Are you cool with that? Are you sure you’re cool with that? Pierce get on the drums right now. Ladies and gentlemen this is a repeat offender, this is Pierce! I’m gonna throw him a fuckin curveball right, this is like America’s Got Talent, I’m going to throw him a fuckin’ curveball, and I am Simon Cowell like a motherfucker right now. Pierce, get on the drums. Don’t make it any longer than it should be, okay, we’ve got a curfew. Silly ass shirt. Pierce, I’m gonna test your ass right now.”

Watch the performance below.

“Big Ass Stadium” – Dave Grohl @foofighters #foofighters

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