Foo Fighters Ban Bizarre Items At Concerts Related To Ryan Seacrest & Ted Nugent


Foo Fighters’ list of banned items from their show at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday night has leaked, and it’s hilarious!

There are many standards items but also things like “unflattering photos of Ryan Seacrest” and “derogatory press clippings of Shania Twain”.

Other items forbidden from the show include leg warmers, “any pencil that isn’t a number two pencil” and “Cream magazines that do no mention Ted Nugent.” Almond milk is on the list, which is definitely a troll since Dave Grohl has mentioned in the past that he loves almond milk.

Mt Smart Stadium banned large backpacks, selfie sticks, umbrellas, any kind of chair, political banners or signs, glow sticks, balls, and studded belts or bracelets at a Coldplay show in the past.

“The truth is we want you to bring whatever you like to our concerts. I don’t mind if you bring your own camel. I’m just happy you’ve come. We all are,” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin told the Auckland crowd at the time.

“I don’t mind if you bring your great-grandmother. As long as she’s having fun, it’s good for me, and good for (Coldplay bandmates) Johnny, Will and Guy.”

  • James Nobles

    They should ban Dave Grohl cause he turns up everywhere. You can’t escape him.

    • Alice

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