Led Zeppelin Icon Furious At Terrible Breakup Lie


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant responded to rumors in a new San Francisco Chronicle that he is breaking up with the Sensational Space Shifters following the conclusion of his 2019 North American tour. Jimmy Page recently called out a Led Zeppelin bandmate abandoning a performance.

This will also be the last show of your tour with the Sensational Space Shifters?

“Well, yeah, for now because we’ve been playing around on the same trajectory for quite a while.”

The guys must be nervous because when you walk away from something you really walk away.

“Well, I don’t really. They’re like my brothers. I mean, we can read each other inside out. It’s not something that will be a permanent farewell, I don’t think.”

Tell that to the Band of Joy.

“You’re joking.”

Jimmy Page recently made a ‘horrifying’ Led Zeppelin tour claim. Led Zeppelin fans recently discussed Jimmy Page saying in an Uncut Magazine interview he only wants Led Zeppelin live releases that haven’t been bootleg. Mr. Lowry posted on the official Led Zeppelin forums, “It sounds like whatever live release that was being planned won’t happen this year. Very sad. I don’t agree with Mr Page that only things that haven’t been bootlegged are worthy of release for two reasons, first not everyone collects the bootlegs and second any tape that would be in his possession should be of much better quality.”

rm2551 responded, “Exactly this. What a strange and useless position to hold ‘If it’s already out there, then what’s the point?’ is. I’ll tell you the point chuckles, your tapes will be far superior in quality!” A Led Zeppelin icon’s night with Princess Diana was recently revealed.

The fan added, “For example, The LA Forum 1977 run. Now if Mike Millard can give us amongst the best quality AUD recordings of these incredible shows, and you have much better quality tapes that could be engineered into a killer release – it is simply ridiculous to not consider an official release just because the audience source is out there. Imagine a LA Forum 1977 official box set release with best available re-engineered/mastered tapes.”

You can read the full Robert Plant interview at SFChronicle