Led Zeppelin Member Sad Car Accident Revealed


Led Zeppelin reunion shows drummer (the first reunion show with Mick Jagger was detailed yesterday) Jason Bonham revealed that he flipped four of his cars due to reckless driving in a new interview.

“I was at Sebring over the weekend with the McLaren, and I had it wrapped in 1978 Aryton Senna McLaren red and white just like the old McLaren race cars used to be,” he says. “But the windshield keeps cracking every time I go to the track. I’m a huge fan of Ayrton Senna and the color scheme of the old McLarens.”

He said the McLaren is a perfect car. “I do track events, and I have a trailer, and I have my mechanic with slick tires, and we change them out. I’d rather go on a track where everyone’s going the same way than I would drive fast on the street and be breaking the law. I was reckless when I was younger. I’ve smashed enough cars and did stupid s—t, and I don’t want to be that person again. My first four cars, I flipped, not sold them, literally rolled them or flipped them.”

Michael Jackson’s family revealed a stunning Robert Plant photo earlier this week. Bonham said he raced the car at a track by Indian Wells as he had a show with Sammy Hagar scheduled, “My wife said, ‘That’s way too coincidental.’ She said, ‘I let you get away with so much s–t. That’s really pushing my ignorance, I’m not stupid,'” he says, laughing. “She’s very, very cool. She just says, ‘I don’t mind you having these cars, just don’t drive fast when I’m in them. ‘” You can read the full piece on Motor Trend.

It has been announced that John Paul Jones’ upcoming shows next month with Sons of Chipotle are sold out.

“🔥Japan!🇯🇵 John is returning to TOKYO in September. Performing on 3rd Sep and 5 Sep at PIT INN , Shinjuku with a new duo called Sons Of Chipotle (JPJ and Anssi Karttunen). A rare chance to see two of the world’s finest musicians in a very small club. Tickets on sale on SUNDAY morning. Link will be posted soon. Also appearing with JPJ and Anssi will be #JimORourke and Otomo Yoshihide.” Jimmy Page discussed John Paul Jones’ replacement from the 90’s a few days ago.