Foo Fighters Fans ‘Worried’ About Dave Grohl: ‘It’s Not A Cold Anymore’


Foo Fighters fans recent discussed their concern for Dave Grohl’s voice after an Antwerp performance, fearing that his voice may be shot after years of dazzling crowds with his screaming.

TooLongStillRead posted on the band’s Reddit page, “I was at the Antwerp gig last night, and I thought the state of Dave’s voice was kind of worrying – towards the final third it began cutting out entirely (noticeably on Breakout).

As great as the show was, it’s fair to say that the set is now geared around preservation – from the sharing of vocal duties with Taylor & Chris, to the drum solo break, to the extended instrumentals of all the major hits. He’s even toned down the screaming now (unless the song calls for it), opting for a ‘woooo!’ instead.

I know it’s been an issue since the start of the tour, but it’s clear that it’s not a ‘cold’ any more. And it can’t be any good long-term. Do you think it’s just age? Maybe they could stop doing back-to-back gigs (like Metallica are now doing). Any thoughts?”

FrenchEnemies commented, “I don’t think it’s shot just yet, but he does seem to have “off” days more often. (although in this case he may not be properly over his cold yet.)

It’s a miracle it’s held up this long tbh, given that he’s a smoker who doesn’t seem to take particular care of his voice and screams all night long on a regular basis.”

NurseWizzle commented, “Saw them in November, was shot then.”

orioles2491 commented, “Listening to the live Switzerland performance going on right now, and I was going to ask the same thing. Seems like he’s out of breath and can’t get through an entire song. And, yeah, he’s basically howling like a wolf instead of hitting the big screams.”

Watch videos below.

So I think Dave’s voice is shot… from r/Foofighters

  • Karen

    I have a running debate with my son who, like me, is a huge foo fighters fan. I always say Dave should stop screaming so much. He has a great voice and he should preserve it. Most of their songs are so good, they can stand on their own without the extra screams

  • Olga Stewart

    Dave, you really need to take better care of your voice.

  • Saw their show November 10th 2017 and I was honestly a bit disappointed (and of course worried) in how bad his voice was. He sounded really rough, definitely not the caliber of vocals you hear in older concert vids. Was still a great experience, but I don’t quite feel I got my moneys worth.

    • Crystal Bates

      He was sick in November & decided not to cancel the show.

  • VeddyEdder

    I thought he sounded fine in the above videos

  • Stone Gossardish

    His voice is 50, not 25. I saw them in Atlanta. It only seemed to be getting tired the last 30-45 min of the show.

    Of course they shouldn’t play back to back anymore. Next tour, hopefully one featuring more “rare” stuff, they should take that next step.

  • Crystal Bates

    His voice sounds great & I think has gotten better with age! He was sick last November & this month mentioned he was sick at the ROCK IM show earlier this month. The Switzerland show sounded amazing on the radio even towards the end. Any concert you go to the voice of the lead singer starts to go towards the end of the show. It is normal.

  • lifefeedsonlife

    I’m 53. I sing in bands. I can tell you, gigging takes its toll on the voice. A lot of it depends on the set list and what songs follow what. It depends in part on age – as I’ve gotten older, my range and power aren’t what they used to be, but I like my timbre better. Lastly – dude’s gotta quit smokin’. Your voice comes from your lungs. Smoking damages your ability to hold and project your breath. When I quit smoking (13 years ago) I got half an octave back and could hold notes for WAY longer just three months later. Made all the difference voice-wise and health wise!

    • Olga Stewart

      What kind of music do you sing with those various bands?

      • lifefeedsonlife

        Mostly hard rock – but it’s gotta be danceable too!

        • Olga Stewart

          That sounds good.

          My husband is into both that and metal.

  • Raj

    He needs to rest more less screaming and more singing that was the brilliance of Dave he has always been a better singer. At his age and given his smoking habit his vocal cords cannot take that kind of strain. So stop screaming Dave!

  • Nicole

    I just saw Robert Plant and his voice was better than 20 yrs ago, so don’t think it’s an age thing.