Alice In Chains Return To Studio, Reveal If New Album Could Replicate Jar of Flies


Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez revealed in a new Framus & Warwick interview that Alice In Chains have entered the studio to begin work on their sixth studio album, the followup to 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“Today I’m leaving this studio, and I’m going to another studio, and I’m going to make a bunch of racket. We’re hard at work, we’re always doing something, it’s just what we do, we play, usually everything else will come together. We used to worry about a label, management, the band has turned into, it’s a business, and there’s a lot going on business [wise]. When we go into these studios, this is kind of like our clubhouse, this is the place that we go. We try not to make this business, this is fun.

We try to make our work environment fun for each other. Being in the studio for 20 hours a day isn’t fun, but it’s a great job. We try to make that our clubhouse, and separate it from the business. We’re still in that playing in the sandbox, for this new record anyways, we’re still getting together in the same city, plugging in the same room. Today is actually our first day, and I’m already late, because I’m here talking to you, so it shows you how professional we still are.”

Inez said that while he’d like to repeat the recording process of Jar of Flies, that is unlikely to happen on the new album due to the state of the music business.

“There’s been albums like Jar of Flies, where we were in between tours. We wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered that album in 10 days. We showed up, and I think Jerry had one song, a song called ‘Don’t Follow,’ which was one of the later songs on the record. We had nothing, we just showed up, here’s our time period. I kind of miss those days, we don’t do records like that anymore. I wish more people did more records like that, there’s no budgets to go experiments like that in studios. Usually in a place like this, we have already worked out our song, we know what we’re going to play, a couple tweaks here and there, grooves and tones. But for the most part, we know what we’re doing when we walk into these places, we try not to waste too much money when we walk into these special cathedrals.”