Pearl Jam First Rumored 2019 Tour, Where Could They Play?


Photo credit: Danny Clinch

Yesterday, we reported a rumor from the Ten Club boards that Pearl Jam have written most of the music for their new album. Pearl Jam just wrapped up their 2018 tour, which of course means the first 2019 tour rumors are surfacing. The same Ten Club member who wrote about the new album has posted that there are whispers of more South American dates in 2019.

jmug23 posted on the forums, “[My source] also told me they are playing South America next year as him and his family are planning their vacation to coincide with tour. I didn’t ask countries or even time frame. He didn’t mention any other regions, although I’m sure they are playing other regions and again I don’t like to push for info. If I hear more I’ll post it but again he’s definitely always in the know. Cheers .”

Pearl Jam played some South American shows earlier this year, and later toured Europe and played a handful of stadium shows in the United States. Eddie Vedder announced at the final 2018 Pearl Jam show at Fenway Park in Boston that the band wouldn’t play live for awhile, and the next time they’d play together would be in the studio. Pearl Jam released “Can’t Deny Me” earlier this year, and and they announced at the time that it would appear on the band’s next album.