Foo Fighters Reveal 2017 Plans For American Fans


While Foo Fighters have already confirmed a summer European tour for 2017, the band have now revealed that they will be performing in the Bay Area of California as well in 2017 at the Bottle Rock Festival in Napa Valley.

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed visiting Drake’s house in a new Kerrang interview.

“I live in the same neighbourhood as Drake, and I crashed one of his parties. I went to the house and he had full security going, ‘What’s your business here?’ I said, ‘I’m Drake’s neighbour, I’ve never met him but can you tell him the drummer from Foo Fighters wants to say hi and come to his party?’ He escorted me in and it made the Playboy Mansion look like Kiddyland. Drake was dancing on this rock. I met him and he said, ‘Man, I’ve been watching the Foos since I was a kid.’ I just thought, ‘Oh man, I’m old!’”

He also discussed his dream lineup for an afterlife band.

“I’d be the drummer, of course. I’d have Freddie Mercury, the greatest rock’n’roll singer of all time. I would have Chris Squire [Yes] play bass – he was the best-ever, and he’d be fun to have around. Then I’d have [David Bowie axeman] Mick Ronson on guitar. Oh God, that would be awesome.”

He also was asked if Foo Fighters fans have ever mobbed the band like the Beatles.

“Only in South America are they like that. But you feel all special about it. You have people banging on the car windows and you feel like The Beatles. Then you realise that some ’80s one-hit wonder band, like Trixter or someone, get the same attention.”

Hawkins said his dream concert to see would have been Queen during their early days, “Oh my God, I would go back to see the last gig Queen played at the Imperial College before they even went on tour.”