Local H Rip ‘Prince Billy Corgan’ For Being ‘Rock’s Donald Trump’


Local H frontman Scott Lucas ripped Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan in a new interview with AcentricMagazine to promote the As Good As Dead 20th anniversary tour.

“I’m not really into nostalgia. But I do see how happy people are at this show and I also feel like the way we are doing it is the way that I can do this and sleep at night. So we open with a set, new stuff, and we are doing this stuff with the two drummers, which is really interesting. Wedged inside of all that is us playing “As Good as Dead”. So it’s not all for that, a lot of the show is for me. Like if I were a fan of the band, I’d be like “This is a great fucking show.”

“As far as Prince Corgan goes, he’s got a lot of nerve throwing shade at other people and then being in the new for bringing James Iha up and playing Siamese Dream. So he’s basically rock and roll’s version of Donald Trump. And he kind of talks shit, and gets on the news for talking shit and it’s kind of what he does and uh, I don’t really give a fuck and I don’t care what anybody else does.”

He added, “But I don’t understand talking shit about everybody and doing it yourself.”