Kurt Cobain’s Friend Reveals Why He Cried Watching Conspiracy Film Soaked in Bleach


Kurt Cobain’s friend John Purkey discussed the conspiracy theory film Soaked in Bleach in a new video on his Observer YouTube channel.

So, someone asked me what I think about Soaked in Bleach and what happened to Kurt, what I think happened to Kurt. Um, first of all, it’s hard to, I don’t really have an extreme view either way. But, with the phone calls really, really gets me because there’s proof, there right? I mean, when you listen to like, Courtney saying things like you know she’s talking about um, lying you know.”

He later said, “Um, so, that’s, that’s pretty, you know, I have to say, I cried a couple times watching that. It was like, because there’s moments, you just know, there’s so much you know something happened. Something besides Kurt just killing himself. Something happened. Whether its like, someone just manipulated the situation to be in Courtney’s favor or something or whatever, you know, um, its hard to say, man. It really is hard to say what happened. Um, but there’s one thing that, I kept watching it like what am I missing here. What. There’s a point when Courtney talks about, um, the note being written on the back of an IHOP uh, it was an IHOP placemat. You know, you go to International House of Pancakes and there’s the paper placemat there. So, I guess that’s what the suicide note was written on and she says it, she goes, “I was at IHOP.  Um it was written on the back on an IHOP in red ink or whatever.” So maybe she just found or maybe she just brought that home at some point. The placemat from IHOP. So, you guys listen to that. Am I missing something? You know, maybe shes just saying, “At one point I’d just taken the placemat home for some reason.”

Why would you take a paper placemat home from… But she says, you guys it sounds like she says she wrote that. Which is crazy. Because it fits in you know. There’s the papers with all the letters and stuff on there like somebody was… yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know. I didn’t think for years you know, I didn’t think, even with what happened to me. If you guys have watched my videos, you know what I said happened to me. I still thought it was suicide- until I watched Soaked in Bleach a few times and took it all in.

Actually, somebody that’s in Soaked in Bleach, um, has said that the guy who did the movie wanted to talk to me, which is interesting. And, um, and I have an opportunity to talk to Tom Grant but I don’t really have anything to offer. I mean, its, my story, isn’t going to help at all, you know? All I can do is if they do another film, you know, if they decide to interview friends on anything, I can tell the story of how I ran into Krist you know, April 5th, 1994 and Krist said, “Don’t believe anything you hear. Kurt is fine.” You know, I think that’s pretty interesting because people that were really close to him actually thought that he was doing okay, right. . And then Kurt wanted to get into contact with me. He wanted to be around friends you know. So, if the coma put him in a really bad mind space, if he got brain damage or something, I don’t know. That’s the only thing that I can think of like, people have said that he lost, that he kind of lost it after that. Who knows man. I don’t know. That’s how I feel about that. Its still questionable. Why Cali hasn’t come forward and said anything, I don’t know. I sure wish he would, you know. I wish he would say something, like what he knows. Seems like if he really loved Kurt and he wanted to be like, look you guys you know clear his name. Look this is the deal. Hopefully he does that. Cali if you watch this man, just do it alright, you know. I mean you were friends with Kurt. Wouldn’t that be respectful to Kurt and everybody that’s ever loved Kurt to just know, you know, right.

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  • Zak

    Surprised you printed this.. are we taking a more nonsubjective aka journsalistic role to reporting?
    Bravo Brett. No harm in keeping your view out

    • Corndog

      Brett didn’t write the article.

      • Alternative Nation

        I had Joe write this. I think the conspiracy theories are BS but Kurt’s friend talking about it is news worthy.

        • Corndog

          I have no issues with your articles. I avoid the stuff about Cornell’s family though purely because I’m not interested in the drama.

          I’ve been coming here since the Grunge Report days. Not about to stop anytime soon. I’d say I visit here more than any other site online:)

        • yinrising1

          Have you examined the evidence or listened to the longtime PI who investigated the case, Tom Grant? No, you haven’t. And you don’t cover Clutch either because you are a music industry whore. Now this is clear.

        • generic 2020

          Alt Nation- How could Kurt shoot himself with all that heroin- have you asked yourself WHY Kurt would do heroin first?

          • Toad Wallop

            Have you asked yourself why someone would shot him in the mouth, if the heroin was going to kill him right out? Have you asked yourself how the killers knew he’d jump fence at a voluntary rehab facility? Have you asked yourself if the killers knew Kurt would buy the shotgun shells himself, about 2-3 days before killing him?

          • Guitar Brother

            Considering what happened in Rome, they probably just wanted to make sure he doesn’t come back this time. The biggest question for me is the handwriting practice sheet found in Courtney’s bag https://liveforlivemusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Cobain-Handwriting.gif
            There is enough circumstantial evidence to reopen the case and do a proper investigation.

          • Toad Wallop

            Considering what happened in Rome? If it was anything other than an attempted suicide, or a careless accident, why wouldn’t Kurt press charges? If CL tried to murder him at that point, he would’ve known. He knew his drugs, and how much of things he was taking. Plus, all they’d have to do would be wait and see, and make sure he doesn’t come back. No need to blow his head off when you have enough heroin to kill a horse. That sheet from her bag could’ve been to forge other things, since they were married, who knows, but her lawyer that originally came out with that isn’t saying it was murder. If she knew something, or had real evidence, I doubt she’d be bribed into silence.

          • Guitar Brother

            The mere fact that the last few lines don’t look like Kurt’s handwriting is suspicious enough. Rosemary Carroll did say she didn’t believe Kurt was suicidal. Obviously she didn’t want to be put on the spot by the media for directly accusing Courtney of murder based on her suspicions. Besides, her husband Danny Goldberg was a good friend of Courtney’s.

            There are several “persons of interest” who were at the house around that time. In particular Michael “Cali” Dewitt and Jessica Hopper who suddenly left the state just days before the body was discovered… by an electrician who Courtney called in to install something specifically in the greenhouse (!).

            Like I said, there is enough circumstantial evidence in order to reopen the case and do a proper investigation.

          • Toad Wallop

            They do look like Kurt’s handwriting, and they are. https://www.alternativenation.net/kurt-cobain-suicide-note-conspiracy-scientifically-debunked/ That whole movie was a fraud and was manipulated to fit their agenda. SIB is debunked.

          • Guitar Brother

            Handwriting experts have different opinions on this. There are enough unanswered questions, coincidental deaths, and circumstantial evidence in order to reopen the case.

          • Toad Wallop

            Did you check that link? The expert in the movie believes it was Kurt. Plenty of handwriting experts believe the entire note was a suicide note, and that Kurt wrote it all himself. That’s what most handwriting experts think. You haven’t researched or even thought this whole thing through. That movie’s debunked, and Tom Grant has been exposed as a fraud.

          • Guitar Brother

            I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. I don’t know how many handwriting experts had examined the note and what percentage of them “believe that Kurt wrote it all himself.” I doubt it was “plenty” or “most” of them though. If anything, the results are inconclusive.

            Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist, however believes it was probably a homicide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYPx7SGUDyU

            Norm Stamper, Seattle’s former police chief, thinks the case should be reopened: https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/jmappp/why-did-seattles-former-police-chief-say-kurt-cobains-suicide-case-should-be-re-opened-630

            I agree with him.

          • Toad Wallop

            Dr. Cyril Wecht, is a fraud. http://www.foxnews.com/story/2009/06/02/feds-drop-all-charges-against-celebrity-coroner-dr-cyril-wecht.html He may have got lucky here, but there was much evidence against him. He’s a con, making a living on conspiracy theories. I wouldn’t believe a word from this old man. Norm Stamper says that, but he did nothing for the remaining years he worked on the SPD. Why?

          • Guitar Brother

            Accusations of Dr. Wecht “overbilling private clients for limousines and air fares” were dropped. Where is “much evidence” to prove that Dr. Wecht is a fraud, a con, making a living on conspiracy theories?

            Norm Stamper, as a police chief, was not responsible for working on cases directly. It was Sgt. Donald Cameron. He was later accused of staging a crime scene and concealing evidence in another case. http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=19990411&slug=2954514

          • Toad Wallop

            Are you kidding? A whole shit pile of evidence was thrown out through technicallity. He’s best known for writing about JFK, and how he thinks there was a conspiracy.

          • Guitar Brother

            I’m not kidding. From from I know Dr. Wecht is a top professional whose opinion matters.

            Sgt. Donald Cameron, on the other hand, was a corrupt detective who covered for Courtney Love by misleading the public (under “Covering Up for Love?”) and telling her to destroy evidence (the second note).

          • Toad Wallop

            Well, good luck with this theory, because Kurt did in fact, take his own life. All you’re doing is wasting time, and so am I, just talking about it. The evidence all points to suicide, and nothing from that movie is actual evidence to the contrary.

          • Guitar Brother

            Agreed to disagree 🙂

          • Toad Wallop

            Also, that practice sheet looks more like the body of the letter, that isn’t disputed to be anything other than Kurt’s writing, more than those last few line, and the to boddah part. Why wouldn’t she make it look more similar to the rest, if she was practicing it so hard?

        • generic 2020

          Alt Nation- the last few sentances- Mr Purkey thinks CALI killed kurt.
          Thats what he thinks.

    • Kokodude

      This was a surprisingly honest piece.
      Nice to see this still exists out here in the journalistic world of the internet.
      Not so nice to see people still hurting from the lack of closure after losing someone close to them.

      • yinrising1

        Watch the film yourself. Clearly you are ignorant and buying this total garbage.

    • Leslie

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  • yinrising1

    Joe you are a liar and Brett you clearly didn’t watch the film. Kurt was murdered by Courtney and her crew, OK? Forensics don’t lie. A guy wasted on heroin or the date rape drug could not have blown his own head off, OK? Come on, Brett, you total loser.

  • generic 2020

    Mr Purkey wants Cali Thornhill Dewitt to come forward and say what he knows.
    Think about that.
    If the conspiracy theory is b.s- WHY would he want Cali to come forward in ANY event?.

    • againstcorporaterule

      Suicide or not, who was using Kurt’s credit card for the 3 or 4 or 5 days his body laid dead? How is it not foul play that the last attempt to use his credit card occurred only minutes before his body was finally discovered? What kind of person, who obviously knew that Kurt Cobain was dead, would callously traipse around town for 3 to 5 days trying to use a “suicide” victim’s credit card while the body just lays there dead, and why don’t his so-called friends and family care who did that?

      • Toad Wallop

        I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation, other than the killer was using it. Frankly, having executed this murder cunningly concealing it as a suicide, it seems unlikely the killer would take the risk of stealing the credit card given even the merest idiot knows that would create an electronic record. Of course, if the (non)killer was Courtney’s agent she may have mentioned having cancelled the credit cards but that’s supposition so strike it from the record. Far more importantly, in the conspiratorial version of events this greedy killer took the credit card but left $120 sitting on the floor plus a further $63 in Cobain’s pocket — $183 dollars in untraceable hard cash that could never have been connected back to Cobain was abandoned but an easily noticeable credit card, that if used would create an electronic record, was taken.

        • Guitar Brother

          What’s even more interesting is that Courtney told Tom Grant that she cancelled Kurt’s card and wanted him to call the bank to find out who was using it. http://www.burntout.com/kurt/tomgrant/grant01.html (SUNDAY, APRIL 3rd)

          • Toad Wallop

            Yeah, and why would she do that if the person using it was most likely the person she hired? This may have been figured out by now, but just isn’t being released to the public. There are other explanations. Like maybe someone in Kurt’s entourage could use it with the number only, or one of Kurt’s friend he let do that. A lot of thing are confidential under WA state law. Like the autopsy report, etc.

          • Toad Wallop

            Kurt was probably still alive on 4/3, so that could’ve been him using it, and if she had them cancelled at that point, how was someone using it for days up til the 8th?

  • I thank God for Tom Grant’s push in this. I believe the Greater Spirit is going to cause Courtney (fake) love to be confessing real soon. 24/ 25 years is the approximate amount of time for justice to do her work.

  • generic 2020

    Oooooh Krist novoselic- what do you know?

    • againstcorporaterule

      It must hurt Krist’s ego too much to think that Cobain would get bored of him and move on to other musicians, as what he stated in his original “suicide” note about retiring from it-before the extra handwriting about suicide was added on to it.

      • Toad Wallop

        Yeah, sure, just because he doesn’t buy the conspiracy BS, because he was actually around Kurt near the end, and saw a change in Kurt. You guys are grasping at straws.

  • Rose Forman

    The people that continue to not even contemplate the idea that Kurt didn’t die by his own hand also refuse to look at the evidence and the number of suspicious actions by Courtney Love.

    Why is a wife who’s supposedly sick with worry about her missing “suicidal” husband talking about divorce frequently while he’s still missing?. “..my name is on all of our houses and all of our assets”..”even if we got a divorce I’d get custody because he wouldn’t even put up a fight” Really? Kurt wouldn’t fight for custody of the daughter he deeply loved? Well,he certainly wouldn’t if he was dead.

    Kurt’s friend points out Courtney’s comment about the IHOP which I’ve always thought was very suspicious too. It’s written on a placemat of a restaurant that she was at?Why would you even say that?She’s drug-addled and lets things slip out unconsciously and of course she didn’t think Grant was recording her. You can fool some of the people some of the time, Courtney..

  • Bree T Donovan

    Thanks for this, Joe. It’s refreshing to see the reality of the many legitimate questions raised in the investigation, or lack there of, Kurt Cobain’s untimely death.

  • Josh Ktova

    I think that the evidence is there to warrant a re-examination of the case,and thank you so much for writing an article that at least acknowledges the possibility that something major happened with Kurt’s death that was somehow covered up………..

    I always thought people who questioned Kurt’s death were wasting their time,I NEVER considered that possibility seriously……..

    When I heard Courtney Love on those tape recordings ,I realized that she was a much different person than the ‘grieving widow’ persona that was presented to the media from 1994 up until this day.

    She’s very very smart,and definitely exhibits the signs of either NPD or is a psychopath,or both.

    I’m not saying that she is evil or not a human being or is someone we should hate or even look down upon,but I am saying that ,with Courtney Love’s considerable intelligence and ability to manipulate,she is one of the very few people who could pull off a murder in full public view……..

    I would like to see the rest of the photos,they already released SOME of them,I think seeing the rest of the photos would settle this,if they don’t want to cause pain by posting something gruesome,they could just blur his face out……..

    We deserve to know whether Kurt committed suicide or not,that is NOT a private matter,because Kurt’s death affected all of us heavily when it happened.

  • Burmese Days

    This article didn’t make a lot of sense. It would have been better if the person interviewed spoke coherent English. Are we really supposed to care about what this guy thinks?

    • Toad Wallop

      This guy’s cool, actually, and if you read close, he said he didn’t have a strong opinion either way, and only because of that manipulating POS movie. It’s debunked. Suicide, no question. I think he probably realized it was a mistake to post that video after reading this article. Now people will take it as more evidence, and peg him for a Cobain-truther.

  • Patrick Bartsch

    So, whatever happened, he did not kill himself. Otherwise please explain the miracle that seem to have happened to the bullet of the gun. I mean, there is gravity and such things on this planet. Then the drug overdose which would’ve prevented him from pulling the trigger. Explain that. Anything else seems to be more important information on who could’ve targeted him, but it should be clear to everyone, that it was not a suicide. #JusticeForKurt