Kurt Cobain’s Friend Reveals Why He Cried Watching Conspiracy Film Soaked in Bleach


Kurt Cobain’s friend John Purkey discussed the conspiracy theory film Soaked in Bleach in a new video on his Observer YouTube channel.

So, someone asked me what I think about Soaked in Bleach and what happened to Kurt, what I think happened to Kurt. Um, first of all, it’s hard to, I don’t really have an extreme view either way. But, with the phone calls really, really gets me because there’s proof, there right? I mean, when you listen to like, Courtney saying things like you know she’s talking about um, lying you know.”

He later said, “Um, so, that’s, that’s pretty, you know, I have to say, I cried a couple times watching that. It was like, because there’s moments, you just know, there’s so much you know something happened. Something besides Kurt just killing himself. Something happened. Whether its like, someone just manipulated the situation to be in Courtney’s favor or something or whatever, you know, um, its hard to say, man. It really is hard to say what happened. Um, but there’s one thing that, I kept watching it like what am I missing here. What. There’s a point when Courtney talks about, um, the note being written on the back of an IHOP uh, it was an IHOP placemat. You know, you go to International House of Pancakes and there’s the paper placemat there. So, I guess that’s what the suicide note was written on and she says it, she goes, “I was at IHOP.  Um it was written on the back on an IHOP in red ink or whatever.” So maybe she just found or maybe she just brought that home at some point. The placemat from IHOP. So, you guys listen to that. Am I missing something? You know, maybe shes just saying, “At one point I’d just taken the placemat home for some reason.”

Why would you take a paper placemat home from… But she says, you guys it sounds like she says she wrote that. Which is crazy. Because it fits in you know. There’s the papers with all the letters and stuff on there like somebody was… yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know. I didn’t think for years you know, I didn’t think, even with what happened to me. If you guys have watched my videos, you know what I said happened to me. I still thought it was suicide- until I watched Soaked in Bleach a few times and took it all in.

Actually, somebody that’s in Soaked in Bleach, um, has said that the guy who did the movie wanted to talk to me, which is interesting. And, um, and I have an opportunity to talk to Tom Grant but I don’t really have anything to offer. I mean, its, my story, isn’t going to help at all, you know? All I can do is if they do another film, you know, if they decide to interview friends on anything, I can tell the story of how I ran into Krist you know, April 5th, 1994 and Krist said, “Don’t believe anything you hear. Kurt is fine.” You know, I think that’s pretty interesting because people that were really close to him actually thought that he was doing okay, right. . And then Kurt wanted to get into contact with me. He wanted to be around friends you know. So, if the coma put him in a really bad mind space, if he got brain damage or something, I don’t know. That’s the only thing that I can think of like, people have said that he lost, that he kind of lost it after that. Who knows man. I don’t know. That’s how I feel about that. Its still questionable. Why Cali hasn’t come forward and said anything, I don’t know. I sure wish he would, you know. I wish he would say something, like what he knows. Seems like if he really loved Kurt and he wanted to be like, look you guys you know clear his name. Look this is the deal. Hopefully he does that. Cali if you watch this man, just do it alright, you know. I mean you were friends with Kurt. Wouldn’t that be respectful to Kurt and everybody that’s ever loved Kurt to just know, you know, right.