Mark Lanegan Almost Made Album With Rock Legend Who Recently Died


Former Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age singer Mark Lanegan revealed in new tweets that he almost made an album with late Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke.

He tweeted, “RIP Fast Eddie Clark. I'll never forget the meal we had together. A true gentleman and one of my rock heroes.”

“We had dinner together and discussed making a record but it was not to be.”

He also recently tweeted ‘fuck you’ to journalist Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera had tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump last week I told you on phone that I love you like a brother. In that spirit I ask you to apologize for your unfortunate remarks. I’m in hospital getting back surgery My skilled compassionate nurse is from #Kenya She told me how you’d hurt her family’s feelings.”

Lanegan responded, “Good luck. Don’t hold your breath shithead. Too bad it took your fucked up back to teach you compassion. Like a brother? Fuck you G.”

See Lanegan’s recent tweets below.