Gavin Rossdale Reveals What Needs ‘Investigation’ After Chris Cornell


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale revealed why mental health issues need to be investigated further due to the suicide epidemic that has taken the lives of rockers like Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington in a new Billboard interview.

Billboard asked, “You look at all the musicians we’ve lost from that time — and all artists go through their demons at some point — but is there a relief to have made it through to the point of being happy, having kids?”

Rossdale responded, “First off, the tragic deaths we’ve encountered highlight the degree of mental health issues. Obviously it’s a very emotive job to be in. So anyone who’s doing music is probably likely to be quite sensitive, quite vulnerable. But I think there’s a whole notion and concept of suicide and mental health that continually needs to be investigated further and more help should be given because you see that across a stretch of people that do die. We have 70,000 opioid deaths in America [in 2017] and you have 20 servicemen a day killing themselves. There’s all this craziness going on and it forces us to look into everything.

For me personally, I am now at the point in my life where I’m as unstable as I ever was. There’s a knowledge factor, but I’m a single person who just broke up with someone, I have kids. I’m completely destabilized — it’s perfect for my job.”